Over the weekend.

I took two naps. 
Reupholstered our desk chairs.
Got loads of homework completed.
Iron: 1 Laurie: 0
Spent the night in a hotel.
Rediscovered my love for toe touches. 
Bought a new Canon :))))
Sold my old Canon :((((
Found out I suffer from Gustatory Rhinitis. 
Went to a baby shower.
Props to my mama. She's crazy talented.
Got offered to being a zombie in The Walking Dead.
& did random silly things with my Bub.
He hates this photo. With a capital H A T E. 
But I don't care, cause I think it's so us :)

I love busy weekends.


  1. bahaha i love you guys and you can tell mitch that i LOVE that photo. with a capital L-O-V-E! and what's this about being a zombie?! please tell me you said yes. i need pictures of you as a zombie : ) (oh and i had to googl Gustatory Rhinitis...no bueno ma dear)

  2. Haha!! That pic is too cute!!! I have to agree with pretty much EVERYTHING Chelsea said about this post!! LOVE your DIY chairs!!! You are talented!! And yes, great props to your mom!! That is a great idea for a baby shower cake!! xoxo!!! (wow, that is a lot of exclamation points!) ;)

  3. Oh my goodness, I've seen that cake on Pinterest!! I'm honestly excited to see someone create it in real life, because I've thought about doing it before but thought it would be a big fail. And I love the last photo of you two - I'm never able to capture a "normal" picture with my husband, but I guess we aren't really normal to begin with so I suppose it captures us perfectly ;)

  4. You guys are so cute lol


  5. inside of that cake is amazing!



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