I have a confession.

M & I haven't taken a 365 picture in four days. We were always on top of it. Never missing a day. Then my birthday shows up & we totally forget... four days in a row. But don't worry. There weren't any tears shed but we are a little peeved. Worked that hard to miss four consecutive random days. Bummer. 

But we did get our pictures taken last Sunday. 
So that can count right?
265/365 I'll call this one The Kissy Brotherton's.

Now we're only missing 264, 266 & 267. 
If only I had a time machine.


  1. GASP! whaaaat?! i'm not going to lie, i was wondering if you guys were still doing it and it was secretly something i looked forward to. but i don't vocalize those things because that may cross the line into blogger stalker. i'm ok with it ; )

  2. Beautiful pic! Such a nice backdrop too! Taking a picture every day of the year is something that intimates me! I always tell myself that I'll do it then cop out.. sounds challenging and fun though!



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