Friday's Letters {34}

Dear Husband you never cease to amaze me. I came home to a letter laying on the keyboard (cause you knew that would be the first place I go). It was from the bub & it basically said how much he loved me :) Well Mr. Brotherton, I stinkin love you too. Lets kiss tonight ;)
Dear gorcery shopping Lets be real for a sec -- I totally forgot how to properly do you that's what she said. No but for real, I went to the grocery store the other day & I was confused. One, I left my list at home. No real surprise there. & two, I basically bought everything I wanted. So yeah, the price was a tad but more than I wanted to spend & I'm sure I'm going to hear it from M. 
Dear Kodi You've started this new game called, Rabies Attack, where you try to play with me but instead you start jumping on the bed like a toddler & try to grab on to my wrists. Yesterday you yanked out a chunk of my hair. Lets not play that game anymore. 
Dear Skype Until recently I've had no real use for you. I mean sure, M & I will occasionally skype from different rooms. But who doesn't do that? But yesterday I used you like a grownup. I skyped with my good friend Chelsea from Lost in Travels. Zeke, Kodi & Maggie were al introduced. Even M popped in to say HELLO! She's a total gem & I'm so glad we met through blogging :)
Oh yeah, Chels, don't hate me for this pic. I was just screen shot-ing away during our chat. This one just ended up being my fav. Kinda looks like you're singing Wrecking Ball to me.

Happy Friday my peeps!
Any plans?


  1. haha! thanks for the horrible picture friend! i still love you though : ) so so great to catch up!

  2. I love that screenshot of Chelsea! She still looks party. :)

    1. Perty... not party. Clearly. ;)

    2. haha it looks like i've been up all night at a party : ) so either go. thanks friend!

  3. Haha, LOVE THIS!!! Your "let's kiss", "that's what she said", and "wrecking ball", comments made my day!! I love how cute and funny you are!! Wouldn't it be the most awesome-est thing ever to be able to meet all your favorite bloggers!!! And Chelsea, you are so cute, even while talking and your eyes are closed ;)



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