Lover boy

It's no surprise I'm head over heels in love with Stephen Mitchell Brotherton.
But I realized you peeps don't really know much about the Mr.
So I thought I'd share some random facts & stories about this dude of mine.
He has this irrational fear of the dentist. He refuses to function normally the day of his cleanings to the point that he won't even eat.

Mitch sucks at driving at night. He'll even admit it. Says something like he can't see well. Hmm... maybe you should let me drive next time babe.

Can do the robot dance perfectly. Maybe I'll get it on tape one day.

Only ever orders chicken nachos at any mexican restaurant. Nothing else. Ever. But it's okay, cause I try to order things I know he'll like so he can share. Yeah, I try to be a good wifey.

He does this thing where he throws his dirty socks at the bottom of the stairs once he gets home from work. It drives me up the wall. & I'll tell him to pick em up but does he? Nope.

His british accent? Terrible.

Must sleep with a pillow over his head. Like suffocating him.
He does this really funny imitation of Schmidt from New Girl. Where he says "all day" with a jersey accent. Like, "I could eat ice cream ALLL DAAY!" (stress the jersey accent). Or, "I can't wait to hang out ALLL DAAY!" 

Bub freaks at the thought of girls pooping. He swears we don't do the two. I've tried telling him we do the duty just like guys but he'd rather die than believe me. 

He drinks Petobismol like it's lemonade. Can I get a collective GROSS!

M's such a romantic too. In college he drove all the way to my place in the middle of the night on Valentine's day morning to leave me hand written messages all over the garage floor. He scattered rose peddles & lit a bunch of tea candles too. Woke me up by knocking on my door & fled the scene. I stumbled awoke. Frightened there were a murderer outside my door. But curiosity got the best of me & I found his surprise. 
He promises me that we'll travel the world together collecting dirt for our jars.

My boy has these awful night terrors. I'd say he has one every month. They freak me out too! Once I found him walking around our room talking about snakes. Another time he was screaming about some train coming through the wall. Eff to the reaking.

The boy knows how to have fun. & he totally knows how to make me feel like I'm loved. 


  1. so fun!! loved getting to know the other half of the brothertons :)

  2. CUUUUTE!! I love when you share stories of you two!! :) I love that you have such an awesome hubby to take care of you, cause you def deserve it! And the sleep walking thing would freak me too!! Ron used to do that when he was younger, and I've heard crazy/silly stories, but LUCKILY for some strange reason it never happened once we got married. Weird or lucky? ;) And the number 2 thing, LOL!!! Too funny!! Missed your pretty face!! I hate being so busy nowadays! :( xoxo!!! :)

  3. OH my goodness this is so happy! I am glad that he makes you feel loved because that is so important! And I swear the socks at the foot of the steps is a guy thing... I feel like every man I have ever known does that.. Why??

    This Lovely Little Day

  4. you guys are just about the cutest thing to ever hit these interwebs ; ) can't wait to meet you guys in person one day! and creepy about the night terrors! i used to get those as a kid and my brother in law still gets them too! freaks out his wife!

  5. you two are cute! Your husband isn't the only one with night terrors. I dreamt we were in a dessert and there was a big spider crawling in the sand and then I woke up screaming, telling Dave about the big spider that was crawling through our sheets...

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  7. This made me laugh so much. Your hubby reminds me of my hubby. Especially about the dentist and the night terrors. Except mine has them about once a week! Freaks me out.



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