Thinking about moving back home?

Well as most of you know that's exactly what M & I did four months ago.
Hard to believe it's already been four months! Originally we were only going to move in with the in-laws for six weeks while our other place was getting ready for us. As you can see that didn't go as planned. We found out my mother-in-law's cancer was back a couple weeks before we were to move out & into our new place. After much debate we decided it was best if we stayed through the surgery & recovery so we could be there to help. Now the time has come for us to move out & my father-in-law (in all his father-in-lawly-ness) comes to me & asks "can you guys stay till Christmas?" Big softy that man. Looks like we're staying the rest of the year.

Living with the rents isn't so bad though. I mean it's totally got it perks.

Free rent. Who wouldn't be thrilled about that. This has really allowed us to save our money & buy necessary items like the iMac, new phones, all new camera equipment & movie dates every weekend.

Free food. Again, as food lovers (emphasize LOVERS) who wouldn't be tickled to come home to a fridge fully stocked with quality food. Not to mention the homemade dinners that my mother-in-law prepares or the burgers on the grill that my father-in-law does so well.
Dog sitters. Our dogs are like kids to us, totally normal. Unlike before, now we can go off for hours doing whatever it is we're doing & not have to worry about our girls doing the pee dance in the house. Thanks in-laws!
Constant company. We're never lonely anymore. There's usually always someone home to keep each other company. It's nice not being alone.

But then there are the not so great things about moving back home.

Living out of a suitcase. All of our belongings are still in storage, including most of our clothes. Because we thought we'd only be here for six weeks we packed up most of our stuff. So we're still living off our bare minimum. That's our current dresser & notice how teeny our closet is? Some might argue that's large for them, but we came from walk-in closets that housed five times that many clothes.

Everyone knows everyone's bisnaz. Once I was mad at M & sure enough my father-in-law brought it up at the dinner table. Talk about an awkward time to bring it up. Living together means we're all going to know what's going on it each other's lives whether we like it or not. So far I don't hate this but there are times that I only want M to know that the mexican food didn't settle well with me than everyone knowing that. Know what I mean?
The love life. It feels like I'm in high school sneaking around again. Trying to do things behind my parent's backs. Ugh I hate it! That I can never get used to.
Obligated to spend time with each other. I haven't struggled with this much, but M definitely has. Instead of snuggling up together on the sofa in the basement (our room) he's often watching tv with his dad or talking at the table with his mom. Trust me, we both LOVE those peeps & LOVE spending time with them, it's just we feel bad hanging out in our side of the house rather than on their side of the house. Does that make sense? We feel rude shouting ourselves down in the basement laughing & having a good time without them. Am I making anymore sense? I all sounds weird typed out haha.

But let me clear the air -- I LOVE living with my in-laws. Not because of all the free stuff they provide us with, but because I simply love them. I married into a pretty awesome family :)


  1. i'm just glad that you and your inlaws get along! talk about how awkward that could get! but i agree, as awesome and wonderful and sugar filled as family can be, sometimes you need time ALONE! i'll be able to rant and rave with you after this next week when i'll be spending two weeks, 24/7 with j's whole family. love them to bunches but i'm sure that we'll need some alone time after that!

  2. I love what you have purchased because of free rent. I want an iMac so bad!! You're lucky you can live with your in-laws. If I had to move in with my parents after marriage I think we would wind up on National news for going crazy!

  3. Although living at home is definitely hard, I am glad to hear how great your relationship is! I definitely struggled when I moved back in with my parents... I'm 25 years old and not allowed to have boys in my room... talk about feeling like you're in high school! haha

    This Lovely Little Day

  4. Haha I was told that one of the top rules for when I get married is never moving in the with in-laws if I want to keep a good relationship with them.

  5. your dogs are so cute. is the one on the left a cocker spaniel? my husband and i have one as well and he's the joy of our lives! you have such a cute family!



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