our attempt of home improvement

last sunday we spent the entire day transforming our office from a dungeon to a space M & i could use daily. we searched for a while for the perfect desk but struck out. so, we decided to build one...
the room became a disaster quick. 
i didn't think to take pictures of us cutting & staining the wood. the shelves were originally black. in order to brighten the room up we painted them white. we got most of our supplies from home depot, but the wood, legs, & brackets for the desk were from my parents house. mom's supper crafty, so she had loads of extra wood & other things your crafty people like.
we used brackets to hold up the back side of the desk. & screwed smaller of pieces of wood on the bottom of the desk to hold the three larger pieces together.
after three days it finally paid off.
painting the shelves white was a HUGE improvement. before everything on the shelves was hidden. now everything's more visible & fresher looking.

this is a fly fisher's basket that once belong to my mom. loved it so much it earned a spot on the wall.
this picture is precious to me. found it at a local antique mall & immediately fell in love with it. unfortunately i didn't want to throw down a lot of money for it, but turned out, someone bought it as an engagement gift for me. it too earned a spot on a wall.
we are so proud of our handy work. i know many of you do things like this hourly. i tip my hat to you.

anyone doing any home improvement projects lately?



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