friday's letter {20}

dear M i'm not sure where this ^^^face^^^ came from but you really like to use it. you're cute.
dear stomach stop growling. stop it already. i'm going to feed you once i finish this post. geez.
dear yesterday's news i'm working hard not to get my hopes up but let's be honest, they're WAY up. hopefully i'll share more soon.
dear God it's hard sometimes to understand why things happen. why would your hand be lifted during the boston marathon? why would your protection be absent in texas? it's confusing to ask myself such questions because i know it hurts you to see such devastation take place. but i'm confident prophecy is being fulfilled before our eyes. everything leads to the End & to the day you return to us all.
dear chelsea thank you for pointing out that i'm a no-reply blogger {pretty much the biggest sin for a blogger, right?}. i'll be brief, but i always knew i was, i just didn't know how to fix, nor did i take the time to figure it out. so thank you you chels for pointing out that i'm a lazy anti-social blogger ;) but i know you'd be proud to know that i fixed the issue.
dear work thank you for my raise yesterday! i was shocked when i was told & quite proud. it's a bummer i won't be able to keep it when i return to school full-time but i'm also excited about school, so it's a bit of a catch22.

happy friday friends!
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  1. Your blog is so stinkin cute! I love finding new blogs!

  2. His facial expressions are cracking me up! I think we all find ourselves ask questions to God :( We're only human! I think it is only going to get worse until our nation turns back to God, not against Him like most have become! SO sad!

  3. how cute are you guys!? just stumbled across your site via the link up and am so happy i did! love the "dear..." i always love a blogger that shares a piece of themselves rather than just post on a particular outfit or item, etc. congrats on all the happiness and exciting news!! xo


  4. dear laurie, congrats on the raise! you rock girl! which, raises means new shoes right? i tried to convince hubs of that last year but he didn't go for it. i tried. and i never said you were lazy OR anti-social : ) i just wanted to be able to answer all your sweet comments on my blog! happy WEEKEND!!!!

  5. 1. love the faces!
    2. yeah! I am so glad you fixed it so that i can reply to your comments now!!!

  6. Haha, your hubby is funny! My hubby likes to photo bomb pics of us too! Last week I had my mom snap a pic of us and I didn't know until I looked at it that he was making a silly face! Excited to hear about your news! And great job to Chelsea for letting you know about the no-reply thing! Happy weekend Laurie!!




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