friday's letters {21}

dear laptop i hate to admit it, but i think you're dying. you're been vibrating & your insides are making funky sounds. i'm thinking you need to get checked out. to the apple store we go! {but maybe this is a sign for me to trade in my macbook for a pro... ;)}
dear sunscreen i've been good about putting you on everyday since the sun's been out in full force, yet still i get sunburn? what's up with that? you're spf 30. 30!! i'm asian, with supposedly great skin that doesn't burn. so i'm blaming it on you mr. {or are you a mrs.?} sunscreen. explain yourself!
dear just-cause flowers i'm pleasantly surprised you've managed to stay alive for two weeks. thought you'd be goners by day three.
dear rucker's  ^^^thank you for the free dock diving lesson. kodi was a bit confused at the part where you run & leap into the water. by the end she almost had it perfect. with a few more lessons she'll be a pro!^^^
dear wireless camera remote it's been well overdue that i purchased you. but after finding you for only $5.99 on amazon, there was no hesitating. bam! now you're on your way to become my newest companion. no more continuous shooting setting once i have you.
dear juicer you've finally arrived safely to our humble abode! once this lady week is over & i'm no longer screaming for chocolate, boston creme filled donuts, brussel sprouts & liters of mt. dew i'll whip together recipes that suja & blueprint juice won't be able to resist. 

happy friday!
have a blessed weekend!

-the brothertons


  1. YAY!
    1. You got the remote. I'm so excited for you! Mine is a little crappy, I have to be closer than 10 feet for it to work...but it was only like 3 dollars. Soon I'll get a more expensive one!
    2. A juicer. You're making me totally miss mine! I got one as a wedding gift right after we got married, and I was dismayed to leave it behind.
    3. Have you tried changing your spf? Weirdly enough 50 spf makes me burn as quickly as a marshmallow (does that even work?), but 25 works perfectly. Very strange I know. I had a friend who was the same way...she tried SPF 80 cause she was super fair skinned, and found 30 works like a charm!

    -Amanda | Living in Another Language

  2. Whhhhat? Where are your dogs? And is there a doggie pool close to me? Your photos look so fun! :)

    And is your sunscreen old? Sometimes sunscreen stops working for whatever reason. Annoying! I use SPF 60 on my face every day. I have olive skin yet I still get red. Doesn't make sense.

    Happy Friday!!!!

  3. i absolutely LOVE have a remote for our camera! it was so annoying have to either a.go through dozens of photos from having it on multiple shot mode or b. having to run back and forth constantly. and better yet, ours isn't a direct line of site one meaning that we can have it in our pocket or be facing the other way and it still works. woot! i love camera accessories : )
    oh and palease share your juicing recipes! we're TRYING to be on a healthy kick over here and we can use all the help we can get! happy weekend friend!!!

  4. your juicer letter made me laugh!! i love being healthy.. but i am with you, i lovem y sweets!!



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