what's in your camera bag?

i'm over at chelsea's blog, life unpublished, talking about what's in my camera bag & sharing photography tips from my personal experiences. check it out & give chelsea some love!
i'm always learning, so if you have any tips or wise information PLEASE share. you all are my favorite sources of knowledge & reviews, so don't hesitate to give advice. i honestly need it & appreciate it all :)


i'm also over at shio's blog, along with four along rockstar bloggers, sharing five facts about myself. 
i totally sound like a crazy rebel compared to the other classy ladies.


  1. I love camera talk! My 50mm is my lens of choice as well! However, I have started to drool over a 35mm. We'll see how soon I can convince the hubs to buy me one!

    I used to have a rebel as well, and that things saw a lot of life. My favorite feature of that camera was the ability to take a set of (up to) 10 continuous pictures on the self timer. My husband and I would set the tripod up and have a lot of fun (or more like I would, and he was just a great sport).

    I recently acquired a 5D mark ii...and although I'm thrilled about it, it doesn't have this continuous picture setting! I had to buy a remote for it to get the types of pictures I wanted.

    I'm soooo excited for you and your photography classes! My heart wishes I was there with you.

    Amanda | Living in Another Language

    1. your camera makes me sigh. one day laurie, one day :) i've looked at the 35mm too. i'm still learning with what i have, so M says "another day babe". & i just run along.
      we use the continuos setting almost everyday for our 365 project. i've been meaning to buy a remote -- is there a certain one you recommend?

  2. I love camera talk too. So funny because I was just telling my husband that I'm going to put up a post like this on my blog at some point. I ALWAYS love reading about camera equipment other bloggers are using. I am trying to decide between 3-4 lenses and it's driving me nuts because they all have different things I need. Photography is such an expensive hobby!

    Photography classes are wonderful!

    1. YES, please write a post on photography! you're pictures are always so beautiful. i often get my inspiration from you :) i felt so funny write a post about photography because i honestly know so little, but chelsea said she wanted me to guest post about it so i did. you, on the other hand, are awesome with a camera. & yeaaa, photography is expensive...

  3. I love seeing what people carry! Awesome idea. You are very organized ahha, My camera bag is usually a jumble because I have both digital and film and polaroids....its never good. That lens brush is awesome though! I have the same one :)

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