friday was the last day i made an appearance on this blog. oops, my bad. it's just the only thing that's been on my mind since then is that exciting news i'm hoping i can share with you guys soon {no, i'm not preggers}. it's hard to think of good material when your brain is clogged with one thing. ugh!

but on another note, i'm at home today with crappy internet that keeps going out on me & two pups that want to spend the entire day in the water, but i'm craving everything fried & sweet {& will be for the next few days... :( }. & on another another note i posted some happy pictures from the other night. M pulled out the fishing rods in hopes of catching more fish, but no luck. but we did find a little friend that made cute croaking sounds. & we held each other while we watched the sunset once again behind our lake. our days are getting numbered here -- 38 days left to enjoy this lake & create as many special moments here before we start a new chapter.



  1. That lake is gorgeous. Makes me miss water so much more living in the desert, haha.
    I can't wait to hear the news.. and I totally agree with you on getting blogging roadblock when there's one thing on your mind you want to talk about.

  2. Im so excited to hear your news!!! eek. :)

    I love your lake. Can I call it yours? I would just love sitting out there and watching the sun both rise and set if possible! :) I'm all for serene moments.

    Amanda | Living in Another Language

  3. You seriously take the most gorgeous pictures. Can't wait to hear the news :) :) :)

  4. YES, you totally have been MIA!! But I am glad I can still see you on insta-g!! I'm excited to know the news you're gonna share!! :)




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