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hey guys. i'm so excited to introduce elizabeth & her beautiful family to you. she's living the life M & i are actually talking about doing ourselves -- being an expat. packing up & moving to another country requires lots of strength & courage that i'm trying to figure out if i have. her hubby is also from alabama, where part of me is too {my mama was born & raised there} so i know what she means when she speaks of fired pickles or basically fried anything -- mmmm! be sure to stop by her blog & say hello.
Hello everyone! I am so grateful laurie invited me to guest post! She kindly wrote over on my blog yesterday.

I'm a happily married 30 year old Mom and wanderer, currently living with my family in Thailand. Wow, has it been hot lately, although I know I am not allowed to complain as I sit by the pool and relish the wifi that is everywhere on the island. Yesterday was Super Soaker day btw, and  no I am not kidding. Here in Thailand there is a nation wide festival known as songkran where everyone has the goal of throws, splashing, or shooting water at pedestrians and even motorcyclists. Seriously it is epic! Albeit dangerous. It's known as the 'world's biggest water fight'. And I have yet to participate in it; the idea of getting splashed by strangers scares my daughter so for the third time in a row we have missed out, only to drive around the island and watch everyone else get hit.

I had an old high school friend come to visit several years back. He had no idea it was songkran and his entire family were scared of him getting hurt or kidnapped in Thailand ( thanks to the media people don't know much about what it's really like here, ie it's safe). It made him nervous, but once he saw how easy it is to make friends and the fact that there was a huge water fight, he left a very happy camper and I had won over yet another person who now loves the country. Heck yes!

We love living in Asia, from the food to the architecture, it's our thing. But I can't wait to visit my husband's family in Alabama some time this year. The mean fried pickles I had there 5 years back left a permanent impression in my stomach driven mind and I have been thinking about them recently, as well as how friendly Southerners are!

Thank you Laurie and all you lovely ladies out there reading this!
Have a fantastic week!


  1. Oh yay! I always love learning of new expats! Thank you for featuring her Laurie! :)

    Ps. The expat life is the best life. I highly recommend doing it!

    -Amanda | Living in Another Language

    1. M & i are seriously talking about it. once i finish my second go at school it's on our list. all you expats make life seem wildy adventurous & we totally want that :)



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