friday's letter {31}

dear puny desk you are pathetic. i decided you are what's causing my grey hairs. it's time to replace you. goodbye.
dear daddio happy birthday! i love you like crazy. stay cool old man.
dear bank account i'm not in charge of you -- that's an M thing. but i did take a peep at you the other day & let me say i'm kinda impressed with your numbers. not bad kid. now what to purchase next :D
dear photography school you're killin me smalls. yeah, already. when you get a supply list you think 'ah, pencils, paper, three ring binder...' NOT '35mm film camera, photoshop cs6, lightroom 5, ilford print paper, can open?' sheesh! who do they think i am? mrs. money bags? thankfully most of this will be used throughout the next couple years. 

any big, or even small, plans this weekend? i think we're visiting my sissy-in-law in athens. eating our weight in fast food. i might get some homework completed & sunday i'm having my very first blate!!!

happy friday friends!!

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  1. hey tell your bank account to talk to mine! And that is quite the school supply list. Thankfully all the things should last you a long while!

  2. haha that's exactly why j is in charge of finances. because if it were me, i'd see a good number and start planning trips : ) and that's awesome about your first blate!! who's the lucky lady?

  3. Your blog is lovely!!!! Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin' ? xxx
    Gleaming Spire // Bloglovin'



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