180 days. 4,320 hours. & a zillion kisses later.

yesterday marked 6 months of married life. i prepared M his favorite meal over a candle lit dinner. we sipped cranberry apple juice. reminisced over our wedding & stress free honeymoon. & before the night ended we snuggled up on the couch & watched my husband-in-another-life -- mark wahlburg {swoon} -- in contraband.

it was weird. some people congratulated us reaching this small milestone. but then there were some who, jokingly yet nonetheless, made comments like "haven't gotten a divorce yet?" & "haven't gotten sick of one another yet?"

maybe it's just me, but i wish people didn't ask those questions. those questions aren't for a married couple. people who committed to love each other unconditionally. who vowed to tough it out when it's hard. sure, i know there are those times that just suck. but in my opinion they are moments that are between you & your partner. & to be really honest, i don't like the comment "you two haven't gotten sick of each other yet?" it irritates the snot out of me. if anything, i wish M & i had more time to be together. fyi, this is not me saying i don't want advice. we need it & i will always want it.


we've only been married for a weak 6 months. what do we know? & that's a comment i can totally agree with because we are still learning. i would not have married M if i didn't think we would make it through this tough life together FOREVER. so to anyone asking "you haven't gotten a divorce yet?" i will respond with a confident NO. & "haven't gotten sick of each other yet?" i will say NEVER {i'm being really optimistic}.

this marriage gig can be stressful but with one another it can be more rewarding than anything else this world has to offer. i'm totally up for the challenge.

thanks to those who managed to get this far. i rambled a lot.



  1. congrats on the six months! my parents have been married for fifteen years (i think) and even when they felt like they were sick of eachother they make it work. divorce is not an option they say. i think if people always keep divorce as a way out in the back of their mind then they don't try to make it work as much. i dont know, this is all my own humble little opinion. i'm only fourteen. i dont know much about love, but anyways im rambling now haha..
    xx | natalia.

    1. Thanks girl! I think your parents are great role models :) & at 14 there were a couple times I thought I was in love.

  2. Yay for six months! I love this post so much. I hate comments like that too. And I totally agree that there are things that are just between your husband and you. That's how we are too (something I've had to work on sometimes), but it's totally strengthened our marriage. It's important to keep personal things in the marriage.

    1. Thank you Ali! I'm still learning to keep things between us & another BIG one -- to always speak good about my husband. & you're right, it really strengthen our relationship :) Thank you for commenting!



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