friday letters {9}

 dear friday letters i've enjoyed being a part of your link-up. you're the only blog post that i write in advance. i guess what i'm trying to say is, i like you. & i LOVE reading other bloggers friday letters post.
dear me listen to your husband. he's right -- you need to try to relax. enjoy this time of your life because soon you will have a full time job with miniature humans running around {not like really soon, but you know, few years}. seriously though, i'm trying to figure out what i want right now & sometimes it's discouraging. i tackled one huge goal in my life, & that was to marry M. now i need another BIG goal. something to work towards. something to feel proud of. you know what i mean?
dear annual yes, i'm talking about us women & our doctors. the ones that go "down town". well i just scheduled my appointment with a new doctor -- one i've never met before & i'm nervous about it. i really liked my former doctor. she was sweet & not awkward, which was fabulous because i'm super awkward in those situations. oh february 4th please don't hurry.
dear M i think we can agree that this week is one for the books. monday was a holiday -- no school. & now today we have this "winter storm" so, no school again! two long weekends in a row. that's something to celebrate. wanna go out? ;)

have a blessed weekend!

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