lately {8}

lately has been good. there's been a real chill in the air, but there's suppose to be sunshine in the very near future. lately we finally made it to the library & stocked up on some much needed reading material. found out that i have an outstanding balance at said library. evidently i M had a book or two overdue. WELL. overdue. lately i've been using my diana f+ again. she's out of storage & ready to create more romantic moments like this. & lately we've been cutting our tv time short. instead we've been playing cards, sitting at the dinner table talking, reading, & playing with the girls. seriously, lately everything has been nice.

pictures from my phone.

what have you been up to lately?

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  1. I wish we would cut our TV time but we're in the middle of watching Homeland and it's ah-mazing! :)

    1. Oh I know how that is. We watched the entire first season of Homeland in four days! Four days! Not a proud moment. Enjoy it!!

  2. i really want your little pup. i promise to ship him right back when i'm done snuggling : ) it looks like such a wonderful time, i'm excited for no electronics for the next two weeks while we travel. it will be the perfect reset

    1. Hahaha, we've been trying to find someone to temporarily give her too! I'll let M know we found the prefect couple :) Having that time without any electronics is greatly needed -- at least that's what I think. We get so consumed sometimes. & whoa! Traveling for TWO whole weeks? Lucky ducks.



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