friday letters {5}

dear friday sorry i totally forgot about you. this holiday break has me thinking everyday is saturday. too bad tomorrow is the last day & M returns to work monday :(

dear M these past 16 days have been great. better than great. i won't know what to do when you return to work. back to being the housewife while you go off & teach the great minds of the upcoming generations.

dear 2012 you were a year filled with endless blessings. married my greatest confidant, M graduated & got his first big boy job {can i get a whoop whoop}, my mother-in-law's cancer is official dormant {victory dance}, i successfully finished a 5k in 30 minutes {fist pump}, & i started this blog in late october. to list all 2012 Hoorays would last forever & honestly y'all would be bored out. of. yo. minds.

dear 2013 you have a lot to live up to. good luck.

dear today i know you aren't friday but you ARE saturday. my second favorite day of the week. a plan to make you a good one.




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