friday letters {8}

dear rain i think it's safe to say you aren't wanted anymore. i'm okay with a day or two of yucky rain. but five days? please stop. it's friday. pleeeease.
dear winter storm iago you were a let down. thought i was going to get to see beautiful snow flakes last night, specifically between 7 & 8pm. nothing but rain & wind :( but good news, you managed to scare a few counties into delaying school 2 hours. i'll take it!
dear M thank you for being so great. you give this marriage the secure foundation is requires. you work so hard for me -- for us. you worry more about my well-being than yours. you strive to make me the happiest wife when i don't deserve it. i'm so glad i'm yours.
dear falcons i've never been a huge football fan. but you make watching the sport so much fun. if you win sunday's game you will go to the superbowl. go team! go!
dear long weekend i'm so ready for you. not only are you the weekend but you have an extra day this time. another full day to lay around with my little family. the plan is to spend most of you outside.

happy friday!


  1. Your photos are so beautiful! They make me want to have a photo shoot with my husband. :)


    1. Awww thank you! I'll tell you a little secret... I just set up Mr. Tri {the tripod} & good 'ol self timer, & TA-DA! Every Christmas & birthday I've wished for a miniature photographer that could replace Mr. Tri but no luck so far. Maybe next year. Have a GREAT weekend!

  2. I'm so jealous a lot of you girls have a long weekend, I'm not so lucky to have Monday off. Hope you have a fantastic long weekend, friend!

    1. Boo :( I'm sorry. Well enjoy the weekend you do have!!!



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