friday letters {6}

dear weather you have been a real treat lately. rumor is you're going to be as high as 70 degrees? say whaaat! too bad it's damp outside. 
dear stationary bike not sure why it never crossed my mind before to move you in the office. i never used you when you were on the scary back porch. well, technically i still haven't used you yet, but i have visions of taking advantage of you {sounds a bit weird} now that you have easy access {i'm full of em' today} to the television. 
dear M two dates nights in two weeks? pinch me i must be dreaming. i'm really excited about whining & dining with you tonight. then coming home & watching a ton of recorded movies with you. it's love baby.
dear showtime & HBO thank you for being free this weekend. because M just texted me reminding me of that fact, i just spent the past 45 minutes scheduling our DVR to record just about, well, everything. 
dear refrigerator i promise to replenish you. soon. love, The Irresponsible Housewife

hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

now it's time to officially use that bike. 
can i hear a HOORAY.


  1. Beautiful photos. I'm totally jealous of your warm weather, been too cold here.
    Have a great date night.

  2. The 70s? I am so jealous, it is FREEZING here in WI.

    1. Oh yes girl! 70 here! Unfortunately it doesn't last long. Stay warm!

  3. Yup, absolutely took advantage of that free weekend of HBO too!!

    1. Wasn't it great! I think we recorded about 15-20 movies. I think we are set for the rest of 2013 :)

  4. Yup, absolutely took advantage of that free weekend of HBO too!!

  5. Hi! I found you via the giveaway on Elise's Comma with a K giveaway. I love your blog! :) Happy Wednesday!

    Gayle | Grace for Gayle



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