see ya' later

alligator! {i couldn't help myself}
no, seriously i'm so glad to see january go. last night M said "hard to believe Christmas was just four weeks ago". & that's when i was like "oh em gee, you're right!" has this month not dragged ooon? & ooooon?

these cold winter months are never a favorite. we beg & yearn for a sliver of sunshine & warmth. we find ways to get through by buying & wearing the newest & trendiest scarves. we medicate ourselves to fight/prevent from catching the flu. & the worst thing about january is it's lack of creative holidays. don't get me wrong, i love MLKJ day. i definitely think the day is worth remembering & celebrating. but it doesn't allow me to get me creative spark on -- there just aren't many things to do with it.

so with that said, what i'm looking forward the most about february is obviously, Love Day {aka... valentines day}. not only does that day allow lovers to love, but it's also our little maggie's birthday. our cocker spaniel will be a teenager {they say that's 91 years old in dog years? yikes!}.

so january, i think most people will agree that you're days are running thin & we couldn't be happier.


oh, & totally change of topic -- the android market needs to get on the ball with Twitter, & provide us none-apple-users with the Vine App. i really wanna play :( {but let's hope they can fix their porn problem first}.


  1. I feel ya sister, I am ready for warmer days too! I love your bright sweater!

  2. i'm so so ready for this month to be over with! a few more days and it's done! today it ALMOST feels like spring and it makes me want it even more now!

    1. I know. It's 70 degrees today. ??!! I know right! Crazy!



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