if they reoccur does that mean something?

dreams. i've been having weird ones lately. but specifically the one where i'm pregnant. haven't had the privilege of being pregnant yet but every time i am in my dreams it's super painful. & my baby bump doesn't look like what baby bumps typically should either. just last night i was pregnant in my dreams. again, painful. i kept cramping throughout the dream & actually thought to myself i can't be pregnant. i just started my you-know-what {TMI?}.

i've heard dreams can have meanings. i've also heard they're a bunch of random thoughts. either way though, i'm not ready to be a mama. i know that & i'm okay with that. i'm not saying if tomorrow i found out i was really pregnant i wouldn't be thrilled. we just aren't planning on parenthood for a few years. it seems like every time i'm on facebook all of my 465 "friends" are either pregnant or just had a baby. maybe my dreams are trying to get me to jump on the bandwagon. maybe i'm suppose to conform?


yes, this post has been my most random to date. thanks for sticking around.

& here's a random picture from way back when to top it all off. 


  1. I just came across your blog and had to tell you that I love it. I think most of my vivid dreams are about things that are kind of in the back of my mind or even have just briefly crossed my mind. I think that having a baby is something that will feel right all the time...especially when you are awake. You will feel peaceful about it and excited, and probably nervous, but it will feel right, and you will know! Don't feel pressured.

    1. Thank you Ali! Means so much!!! Haha yes I agree. I don't fully understand yet, but I think you're right. It will fine & I will be okay :)



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