treasure hunting shopping spree

we live in a an area filled with local thrift stores. there's one across from church. one half a mile down the road from us. & let's not talk about when you head into town -- there's one on every corner. several are actually next door to gas stations. i guess it's serious money making here in northern georgia. i'm not mad about it. occasionally M & i will stop by our select favorites & peek through their goods. this weekend we struck gold.

got this set of wooden bowl. never owned a set before & i'm really excited about this purchase. i don't know the limits of them yet, so we've only used them for almonds & fruits. i can't wait to serve a large salad with them. anyone know if it's safe to use them for soups?
then there was the 5.5 foot mirror that i couldn't turn away from. best part about it was it's price. less than four smackers {a.k.a. $4}. haven't owned one since the dormitory days with those cheapo four foot walmart mirrors. it needs a little work on the edges & we are eventually going to frame it. 
this is just a little something we didn't indulge in. 

as i look around our tiny home, there isn't a piece of new furniture expect for our entertainment stand, which was a wedding gift, that wasn't thrifted, made, or a hand-me-down. eventually we will be grown-ups and buy new stuff, but for now, treasure hunting is way more fun. who knows what you could find. 

it's an adventure. 



  1. I love love love getting things at thrift stores. Store bought is good too but there's just a unique touch about thrift stores that you can't compare too. Those bowls were a great find!

    1. You're right, there is something special thrift finds. & we are loving our bowls :) Thanks girl!



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