monday guest post: meet teressa

i'm really excited to share with you my first guest to post on this blog. teressa is the inspiring blogger behind newborn mama. she has so much love for her family of four {including bruce the dog}. not only does teressa love her family but she's clear about her love & passion for Christ. it's evident in her writing that faith is the foundation of her life & her marriage.

check her out. i hope you feel as inspired & touched as i do.

The Brotherton readers...
Meet the Mackeys! 
 I'm Teressa, and I blog over at Newborn Mama and my husband blogs at The Good Rev Mack.  

We are newlyweds! {even though we have a baby} 
Just 5 months after we were married we found out we were expecting! 
After shock, excitement, and the craze wore off we were ready for the arrival of our sweet baby boy. 
We then decided it was best for us to leave our current jobs and my husband to begin working for a church in the city, where he could also pursue a master of divinity.
Only one month after the birth of our son, we were moving away to a new house, job, and city.
To say the least my life has been "newborn".
Hence the name of my blog... plus I have a Newborn baby, just under 7 months old now. 
I currently get to blog and stay at home with baby H.
I'm also a Jesus lover, 'new' coffee lover, a runner, baker,Pinterest fanatic (but who isn't), ex-younglifer, deal seeker/thrifter, hot shower taker, and a DOG MAMA.
Meet our Goldendoodle BRUCE 
I started blogging to allow friends & family to have an update on our life, as well as seek out a community of other women.  When moving to a new city it isn't always easy to meet people just like you.  Finding friends in the blog community has been instantaneous and I am incredibly thankful for that! 
I would love to meet you and learn more about you and your life, come say Hello!   


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