Best Birthday Gift Ever

If you don't remember my 24th birthday was last month. M always goes BIG with gift giving. We've talked about doing smalls things for each other but really he's thinking whatever (makes it really difficult for me when it's his birthday). This year he got me a long weekend trip to St. Augustine beach with our two pups. It's what drove me these last three weeks through school & work. I was obviously over-the-moon excited. 
Yes that was a lot of pictures. I have more. Wanna see? Kidding.

This trip was very special. Not only was it a fabulous gift from the Mr. but our girls got to tag along. They both loved the beach. Kodi was more interested in becoming a fish while Maggie couldn't stop sniffing the dunes. Everyday we had to rinse her face off cause there was so much sand on it. 

We didn't try to cram everything into out trip like we usually do. Instead we went slow. Relaxed. Did whatever we felt like doing -- not what we thought we needed to do in order to get the "most" out of the trip. It was nice. Better than nice. It was perfect. My favorite part were the belly laughs. We talked about our future. Wondered when the next time we'd be back with our girls. Even wondered if we'd have a human baby by then. I honestly feel content & overjoyed after that long weekend at the beach.


It's a dog toy. I swear!

Yeah, I fooled you didn't I?
There's a local pet store by our house that we enjoy visiting every weekend. They often have things you can't find at the larger pet stores. We always get Kodi a new toy (Problem? Probably, cause her toy basket is overflowing as I type). Maggie isn't the one to play with toys now that she's ancient, so we resort to treats. Usually ones that make her breath smell good.

Well we found this toy hanging on the wall by all the other toys. Because of it's length & that it floats, M thought it would be perfect to bring to the beach this week. He enjoys finding the toys more than me so I encouraged him & told him she'd love it.
We should have known this toy didn't look right. I mean come on! Look at it! But before we stopped in the pet store we had a large Mexican lunch where I finished my entire plate friends. So as you can imagine we were a bit lethargic. Because... the first thing my father-in-law said when we got home with it was "that looks like a sex toy".

And he's totally right.

So now we call it Kodi's Sex Toy.


We're going to make excellent parents.
Oh! We bought the Small. They came in Medium & Large sized too ;)

Happy day my peeps!


Apple Picking

This weekend we were lucky enough to be invited by one of my favorite families to go apple picking in the North Georgia mountains. You laugh Alyson, but I miss spending my days with you guys. We went early enough to beat the crowds, also thinking the weather would be nicer then... ugh by the time we left I'm pretty sure I was developing quite the back sweat. But that didn't stop us from enjoying ourselves!
We'll be eating apples for the next while. Mmm!

What did you do this weekend?


Choosing to be happy.

This post is going to be very real. I try not to post many like this. I enjoy being very silly & whatever when I write. I want to read through this blog ten years from now & remember things as they were. But that would also mean I'd have to write the bad things in life too. So here goes...

Lately I've been down. Yeah, like the occasionally funk everyone experiences. Sure. But there's a trend with my runts in life -- they are showing up more often. Like almost daily. For the past couple months it's gotten progressively worse & there's no real reason why. Could be because I've been crazy busy with school, work, marriage, looking for a new home. The list goes on. But then I tell myself how petty I sound when I talk about how "tough" my life is. But I still find myself in a funk. I can't be happy. I try to be happy. I try to laugh & think that all things are good. But behind closed doors I see how terribly sad I am. & how it's greatly affected my relationships & most importantly, my marriage. One afternoon when we were home alone Mitch sat down & told me how it was affecting him. How my moods weren't just upsetting me, but him & our marriage too. It hurt to hear that. But I knew that all along. I knew that I was hurting him all this time, yet I didn't try to mask it or seek help. 

I want to be happy. It's hard though when all I'm feeling is this emptiness. This void that awkwardly found a home in me. I have everything in the world I need or could ever want. I'm married to my best friend & we have two perfect pups that easily complete my life yet I feel incomplete. I've seen worse in my life & I was happier then. Why I can't be happy? I know all this sounds so trivial. Like I'm being a whinny twenty-year-old. It's difficult to explain. Plain & simple -- I'm sad. 
I read somewhere that happiness doesn't just come into your life unwillingly. It's not something you can chase down & have forever. But you must choose to be happy. It's your choice to be content & smile & feel good at where your life is right now. It's knowing that your complete even with all your imperfections. I have my good days & I think today's one of those days where I successfully chose to be happy. 

Thanks to those who managed to get to the end. #endrant


Ture Story.

My hubby, you know the Lover Boy -- aka M, is famous. So basically
you all are going to want his autograph cause he's a big deal ;)
Kinda kidding. But he was on tv this morning.
Here's the link if yall liked to see what he's been doing for the education world.
My famous hubby. (skip to 1:30)

Happy Monday my peeps!


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