i actually did something off pinterest

i think i deserve a pat on the back for this one. like everyone else, i love pinterest. now this may or may not apply to you, but i tell myself i'm going to do all the things in my boards, but i don't. i don't know why i don't. i mean, pretty much everything on pinterest is easier, cheaper, & but plain better. right?

anyways, i finally got around to this winner. i probably see this one three or four times on pinterest, so it won't be a shocker to you guys. but i made...

pardon this picture. it was taken with my wittle phone.
if you're thinking about making it, don't hesitate. it won't disappoint. i'm trying to think of more things to dip in it. i've also put some in my coffee. we've drizzled some on top of ice cream. tonight i might make some milkshakes with it. mmmmm. sounds good huh?

i'm not going to write the instructions but here's one of many links with them: crock pot caramel.



lately {8}

lately has been good. there's been a real chill in the air, but there's suppose to be sunshine in the very near future. lately we finally made it to the library & stocked up on some much needed reading material. found out that i have an outstanding balance at said library. evidently i M had a book or two overdue. WELL. overdue. lately i've been using my diana f+ again. she's out of storage & ready to create more romantic moments like this. & lately we've been cutting our tv time short. instead we've been playing cards, sitting at the dinner table talking, reading, & playing with the girls. seriously, lately everything has been nice.

pictures from my phone.

what have you been up to lately?

i'm now on bloglovin'!


see ya' later

alligator! {i couldn't help myself}
no, seriously i'm so glad to see january go. last night M said "hard to believe Christmas was just four weeks ago". & that's when i was like "oh em gee, you're right!" has this month not dragged ooon? & ooooon?

these cold winter months are never a favorite. we beg & yearn for a sliver of sunshine & warmth. we find ways to get through by buying & wearing the newest & trendiest scarves. we medicate ourselves to fight/prevent from catching the flu. & the worst thing about january is it's lack of creative holidays. don't get me wrong, i love MLKJ day. i definitely think the day is worth remembering & celebrating. but it doesn't allow me to get me creative spark on -- there just aren't many things to do with it.

so with that said, what i'm looking forward the most about february is obviously, Love Day {aka... valentines day}. not only does that day allow lovers to love, but it's also our little maggie's birthday. our cocker spaniel will be a teenager {they say that's 91 years old in dog years? yikes!}.

so january, i think most people will agree that you're days are running thin & we couldn't be happier.


oh, & totally change of topic -- the android market needs to get on the ball with Twitter, & provide us none-apple-users with the Vine App. i really wanna play :( {but let's hope they can fix their porn problem first}.


treasure hunting shopping spree

we live in a an area filled with local thrift stores. there's one across from church. one half a mile down the road from us. & let's not talk about when you head into town -- there's one on every corner. several are actually next door to gas stations. i guess it's serious money making here in northern georgia. i'm not mad about it. occasionally M & i will stop by our select favorites & peek through their goods. this weekend we struck gold.

got this set of wooden bowl. never owned a set before & i'm really excited about this purchase. i don't know the limits of them yet, so we've only used them for almonds & fruits. i can't wait to serve a large salad with them. anyone know if it's safe to use them for soups?
then there was the 5.5 foot mirror that i couldn't turn away from. best part about it was it's price. less than four smackers {a.k.a. $4}. haven't owned one since the dormitory days with those cheapo four foot walmart mirrors. it needs a little work on the edges & we are eventually going to frame it. 
this is just a little something we didn't indulge in. 

as i look around our tiny home, there isn't a piece of new furniture expect for our entertainment stand, which was a wedding gift, that wasn't thrifted, made, or a hand-me-down. eventually we will be grown-ups and buy new stuff, but for now, treasure hunting is way more fun. who knows what you could find. 

it's an adventure. 



a little Mr. & Mrs. game ;)

okay not like that! c'mon people. heads out of the gutter ;)

just browsing the web & found this game. since church & grocery shopping is complete i thought M & i would play. what the heck, right? i'm linking up with Carla from Forever Newlyweded. i actually found out about this link from Heather {a new Mrs. herself}. it's a fun q&a to play with your spouse & see who knows who more. let the battle of the sexes begin!

1. What was the worst thing that happened on you wedding day, if anything?

L: that morning that bakery called to let me know that the cake was done. just before hanging up they went over the design again to confirm everything. in short, it was all wrong. fortunately it was fixed & delivered on time. crisis averted. 
M: i almost forgot my coffee.

2. Who is the better driver?

L: definitely M. even though i tend to back-seat-drive he still is better.
M: ugh, me.

3. If someone had to play your spouse in a movie, who would it be?

L: Adam Brody -- personality wise.
M: Zoe Saldana -- L looks like her & she was the female character in Avatar. who reminds me of L.

4. What's your spouse's favorite comfort food?

L: tombstone pizza fo sho. really just pizza in general.
M: chocolate. 

5. Which one of you hogs all the covers in bed?

L: me.
M: kodi {the dog}.

6. The saying "opposites attract" must be true because my spouse & I couldn't be more different when it come to ____?

L: back massages. i don't like them. i like back RUBS. not massages.
M: foods we eat. i hate seafood, veggies, & cream cheese. L could probably eat anything. 

7. If your spouse won $5000, what would they spend it on?

L: i think a vacation.
M: another camera.

8. If your spouse could be married to any famous person, which would it be & why?

L: Zoe Saldana -- look back at question 3.
M: Ryan Gosling. his voice excites her.

9. Who controls the remote?

L: him all the way.
M: me.

10. If your spouse were a superhero, what would their "super power" be?


so this we a simple & fun way to maybe learn something new about each other. most of this i already knew, but it's funny hearing his response. like, i was a little offended when he said i would a new camera with $5000 dollars. i mean he's probably right but it makes me sound so selfish. & it's funny that almost forgetting his coffee was the worst thing that happened to him on our wedding day. coffee is a serious thing to him, but i know if he did forget it, it wouldn't have mattered. RIGHT, HONEY? {yelling to him from the other room}.

this was fun. i think we will continue to play every week.

hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. bring it on monday!


friday letters {9}

 dear friday letters i've enjoyed being a part of your link-up. you're the only blog post that i write in advance. i guess what i'm trying to say is, i like you. & i LOVE reading other bloggers friday letters post.
dear me listen to your husband. he's right -- you need to try to relax. enjoy this time of your life because soon you will have a full time job with miniature humans running around {not like really soon, but you know, few years}. seriously though, i'm trying to figure out what i want right now & sometimes it's discouraging. i tackled one huge goal in my life, & that was to marry M. now i need another BIG goal. something to work towards. something to feel proud of. you know what i mean?
dear annual yes, i'm talking about us women & our doctors. the ones that go "down town". well i just scheduled my appointment with a new doctor -- one i've never met before & i'm nervous about it. i really liked my former doctor. she was sweet & not awkward, which was fabulous because i'm super awkward in those situations. oh february 4th please don't hurry.
dear M i think we can agree that this week is one for the books. monday was a holiday -- no school. & now today we have this "winter storm" so, no school again! two long weekends in a row. that's something to celebrate. wanna go out? ;)

have a blessed weekend!


little weekend recap

we spent the majority of the weekend in buford with our folks. we enjoyed a lovely walk at a local park. the sun was out. the temperature was just right. the pups splished splashed in a creek. we cheered like crazy fans during the falcon's game. ate our weight in homemade dinners. shared laughs at the table as M beat me in cards {usually never happens}. returned home on monday just in time to watch the inauguration. played outside with the girls. we baked a 5lb. hen which will be leftovers for a few days. snuggled up on the sofa & watched the following {crazy good show! little creepy though}.

i'll be honest, i wasn't the slightest bit productive this weekend. there was & still is lots on my list i need to do but sometimes you need a few days of nothing. days to let your mind relax. be worry-free for a change & enjoy each others company.

i love long weekends. now on to a short week.

happy tuesday!


friday letters {8}

dear rain i think it's safe to say you aren't wanted anymore. i'm okay with a day or two of yucky rain. but five days? please stop. it's friday. pleeeease.
dear winter storm iago you were a let down. thought i was going to get to see beautiful snow flakes last night, specifically between 7 & 8pm. nothing but rain & wind :( but good news, you managed to scare a few counties into delaying school 2 hours. i'll take it!
dear M thank you for being so great. you give this marriage the secure foundation is requires. you work so hard for me -- for us. you worry more about my well-being than yours. you strive to make me the happiest wife when i don't deserve it. i'm so glad i'm yours.
dear falcons i've never been a huge football fan. but you make watching the sport so much fun. if you win sunday's game you will go to the superbowl. go team! go!
dear long weekend i'm so ready for you. not only are you the weekend but you have an extra day this time. another full day to lay around with my little family. the plan is to spend most of you outside.

happy friday!


the liebster award

i want to give a shout out to chelsea from lost in travels. she so kindly thought of me & nominated me for the Liebster Award. i also want to thank all of you who follow along everyday. you're greatly appreciated. 

1. List 11 facts about yourself.
2. Answer the 11 questions given to you.
3. Create 11 new questions for the bloggers you nominate for the award.
4. Choose 11 bloggers with 200 or less followers to nominate.
5. Go to each bloggers page and let them know about the award.
6. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog :)


1. My last name was originally “Chang”. Then I was adopted by my step dad in high school, changing it to “Brazzell”. Now I’m a Brotherton.
2. Currently the only tea I’m drinking is green tea. It’s muh favorite.
3. Maggie wasn’t always my dog – she was originally our family dog. Valentines 2007 she was given to me as a gift. I was her favorite & still am.
4. My favorite movie is Pretty Woman. When my mom watched it when I was a kid, the part where she pulls out the condoms, I thought they were lollipops. Don’t ask why I was able to watch that as a kid.
5. If you looked in my closet, most of my clothes are black.
6. I’m left handed. Which naturally means I’m way smarter & going to die sooner…?
7. I have the Fever & Infection {Justin Beiber & OneDirection}.
8. Sometimes I’m too lazy to get ready for church. Bad Laurie.
9. I bite my nails. It’s a hard habit for me to drop. I’m still working on it.
10. Lately I’ve been battling with myself – to get bangs or not to gets bangs?
11. M & I went to elementary, middle, high school, & college together. I’ve almost known him my whole life.


1. What is your dream travel destination?

Easter Island or New Zealand.
2. Why did you start blogging?

To document this new life with M & our pups.
3. What achievement are you most proud of?

My marriage.
4. What is your favorite foreign food?
Pho. My family & I call is noodle soup.
5. What was the last good book you read?

Okay it’s been a while since I completed a book. I currently have three books I’m attempting to finish one day.
6. What is your greatest fear?
Being alone. Not like being without a significant other, but more like being be myself. I get lonely quick.
7. What's your favorite outdoor activity?
Hiking with my family.
8. What is one thing you can't travel without?

My camera. DUH.
9. What is the last trip you took?
Honeymoon in Mexico
10. What is your favorite dish to cook?
I love cooking casseroles. M doesn’t like any type of casserole so I don’t get to cook them much, or ever. Makes Thanksgiving all that better.
11. What's your favorite beauty product?

My BB Cream.


1. What’s your biggest pet peeve?
2. Cat or dog?
3. What’s your most embarrassing moment?
4. Who’s your look-a-like celebrity?
5. Do you have a favorite wardrobe piece?
6. If you came into a large amount of money {think large} what would you do first with it?
7. What’s your favorite mobile app?
8. What’s your favorite season? Why?
9. What were/are your New Year resolutions?
10. What’s been the best advice given to you?
11. Name something you like about yourself.

check 'em out!


180 days. 4,320 hours. & a zillion kisses later.

yesterday marked 6 months of married life. i prepared M his favorite meal over a candle lit dinner. we sipped cranberry apple juice. reminisced over our wedding & stress free honeymoon. & before the night ended we snuggled up on the couch & watched my husband-in-another-life -- mark wahlburg {swoon} -- in contraband.

it was weird. some people congratulated us reaching this small milestone. but then there were some who, jokingly yet nonetheless, made comments like "haven't gotten a divorce yet?" & "haven't gotten sick of one another yet?"

maybe it's just me, but i wish people didn't ask those questions. those questions aren't for a married couple. people who committed to love each other unconditionally. who vowed to tough it out when it's hard. sure, i know there are those times that just suck. but in my opinion they are moments that are between you & your partner. & to be really honest, i don't like the comment "you two haven't gotten sick of each other yet?" it irritates the snot out of me. if anything, i wish M & i had more time to be together. fyi, this is not me saying i don't want advice. we need it & i will always want it.


we've only been married for a weak 6 months. what do we know? & that's a comment i can totally agree with because we are still learning. i would not have married M if i didn't think we would make it through this tough life together FOREVER. so to anyone asking "you haven't gotten a divorce yet?" i will respond with a confident NO. & "haven't gotten sick of each other yet?" i will say NEVER {i'm being really optimistic}.

this marriage gig can be stressful but with one another it can be more rewarding than anything else this world has to offer. i'm totally up for the challenge.

thanks to those who managed to get this far. i rambled a lot.



too hot for you to handle?

oh no, not me. i'm talking about coffee joulies. i just learned about these amazing little dudes the other day & i'm blown away. because i'm an avid tea drinker i battle with constant tongue burns & double fisting to prevent luke warm tea. but these joulies take care of all of that. because of some really smart people, these stainless stain hunks instantly change boiling hot beverages to the ideal temperature &&& keep it that way for hours! say whaaat?! i know it's sort of scary they can do that. i haven't seen them used in person or personally know anyone with a set. so i'm asking if anyone reading knows if these are worth fifty smackers. i mean if it were totally up to me, their looks alone almost make them worth the money. self control laurie. self control.


mr. sun

you graced us with so much of your presence this weekend. it was an amazing 70 degrees out. any bit of available time we spent it outside as a family. M pulled out the fishing poles. i set up my camera. kodi chased squirrels while maggie rolled in dirt. it could have been a scene on a postcard. maybe not. but it was still a sight to see in the middle of january. unfortunately they say a good thing doesn't last long. they say that, right? because now it's suppose to rain for three days straight. yuck! weather.com tells me it's going to be mostly cloudy {no mr. sun} & in the 50's. 
 taking advantage of the sunshine. kodi is probably the weirdest dog. 
she doesn't like to chase balls -- only rocks. we love her though.


friday letters {6}

dear weather you have been a real treat lately. rumor is you're going to be as high as 70 degrees? say whaaat! too bad it's damp outside. 
dear stationary bike not sure why it never crossed my mind before to move you in the office. i never used you when you were on the scary back porch. well, technically i still haven't used you yet, but i have visions of taking advantage of you {sounds a bit weird} now that you have easy access {i'm full of em' today} to the television. 
dear M two dates nights in two weeks? pinch me i must be dreaming. i'm really excited about whining & dining with you tonight. then coming home & watching a ton of recorded movies with you. it's love baby.
dear showtime & HBO thank you for being free this weekend. because M just texted me reminding me of that fact, i just spent the past 45 minutes scheduling our DVR to record just about, well, everything. 
dear refrigerator i promise to replenish you. soon. love, The Irresponsible Housewife

hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

now it's time to officially use that bike. 
can i hear a HOORAY.


lately {7}

all of these pictures were taken during the best time of the year - christmas break. so to say this is what we've been up to lately would kind of be a lie. because lately we are back to work. back to filling up gas tanks every week. back to grocery shopping on a budget. back to waking up early. back to the grind. but lately things feel different. in a good way too. because lately i've been more spiritually driven. & i like it! lately i've been working out with karena & katrina. since my gym membership ended in november i've really missed the push to stay physically active. lately i've been reading lots of new blogs & you all are so inspiring. i've even got new sponsors! Check em out: Jane Caroline23SeventeenAnne the AdventurerHeather Marie, & Kelsey

pictures from my phone
 maggie making herself comfy where she isn't allowed//the girls on our most recent hike//kodi & papa//getting ready for church//found some cool dice//baby sissy//new lens 50mm//M wrote me a second book for christmas//crusin in the new car HOLLA//playing monopoly//favorite 2012 memory//urgent care visit to start off the new year with a bang//the mama//drinking coffee from a homemade gift//wondering what she's thinking//breaking new year resolutions already//playing outside//attempting to keep warm//fixing a clogged drain//bath time//salted caramels yumm//kicking M's butt in scrabble//enjoying the beautiful sunset//cuddle buddy//

what have you been up to lately?


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