friday's letters {28}

dear sharknado i had heard many things about you. some being "ridiculous" or "hilarious". think i even heard "best movie of the year"? but no matter what people said nothing would have prepared me for you. let's just say you were highly enjoyed & are now the butt of many jokes in the brotherton household.
dear iPod i lost you one night during an evening stroll on the beach. i realized it almost as soon as it happened but it was already so dark it was nearly impossible to see. we searched & searched but you couldn't be found. that next morning we just happened to be walking in the same area & some how stumbled upon. the ipod gods were looking out for me.
dear girls {yes i'm referring to our pups} your daddy & i have thoroughly enjoyed watching you two at daycare on the internet cameras. maggie, you'll occasionally move to sniff something that probably smells good? kodi, you're always running around. not ever running to play with another dog -- literally just running around the room. it's kind of strange. we can't wait to pick you two up tomorrow!
dear st. augustine our time with you has been one for the books. you were cancelled earlier in the summer but fortunately things worked in a way that allowed us to come anyways. this seven day vacation has been more than relaxing but refreshing. it's allowed us to get away from the cancer topics & focus on being together as a family. i'll never forget what you've done for us.

h a p p y F R I D A Y!

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lately {25}

we are at the beach. need i sigh again? with this cancer crap & busy lives, it's been everything we've needed as a family. just getting a way was good enough -- having the beach & ocean combination is the cherry on top if i do say so myself. so lately life's been all about the sand, sunscreen, getting sun kissed {& kisses from M ;)}, celebrating our FIRST wedding anniversary!!! & creating memories that i never want to forget.
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one // gummi bears for the car ride {& maybe my entertainment}
two // just arrived! #hallelujah
three // lover feet
four // looking for sharks teeth
five // me & my new favorite cardigan
six // more shells & a bruise on my foot from a failed attempt at skim boarding
seven // playing with sparklers in honor of our anniversary
eight // M&L
nine // ready to hit up the beach together
ten // the doors of st. augustine
eleven // building a killer sand castle
twelve // the prettiest floors at the prettiest church
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doors of st. augustine

pardon my grungy appearance. when we vacation, especially to the beach, i pack maaybe one outfit that has potential to be worn in public places. my purse/beach bag is pathetic i know. i purposely leave all cosmetics at home & though it doesn't appear so, i did remember to pack a hairbrush... 

getting to the point of this post -----> st. augustine is a beautiful place. it's so clean & filled with so much charm. not to mention there's history around every corner. the hospitality here easily puts georgia to shame. i'm pretty positive i mentioned to M that i wanted to stay here. we only needed to return to georgia to get our pups, my hairdryer & a better purse ;) while wandering st. augustine's precious streets we noticed how unique the buildings front doors were. they each held their own set of characteristics that warmed our hearts & invited us in. some doors weren't meant to be entered. others appeared to be as old as the city. either way, together they all helped create a quaint city that makes me want to pack up my tiny family & move to.


celebrating one year of marriage

i love being married. i love that i have a husband who values our marriage. who respects me & treasures what we have together. he puts me & our pups first before himself. & he's constantly working to make our lives better. i'll never understand how i was so blessed with this man. i love you mitch. you're the light of my world. this year was a huge learning experience but what i'll remember the most was all the fun we had. i can't wait to see what year-two has in store for us & the many after that. 

i love you.


friday's letters {27}

dear beach you were very unexpected especially after having to cancel you earlier this summer. but that wasn't a complaint. i can't wait to be sitting on you this time tomorrow!
dear one year anniversary say WHAT?! you're right around the corner?! you're only three days away?! where has the time gone?!
dear jenna marbles you crack me up. stop it with the hilarious videos. i need to pack!
dear kodi & maggie i'm confident we're going to be one of those parents tomorrow when we drop you off to board. yep, telling the people everything they need to know about you. like your poop schedules, who sleeps on what side of the kennel, the proper way to give you lovin, what each noise you make really means. yes, i know everyone's going to roll their eyes at us, but it's what parents do.
dear beach oh, wait. you've been covered.

happy friday friends!!!
enjoy your weekend.
i'll keep y'all updated throughout our trip :)


wedding post three

the one piece of advice that i tried to carry with me the whole day was "remember what the day's really about -- you two getting married. it's not about the food, dress or anything else. it's about your love for each other & nothing more." you know, now that i think about it, that's probably why i was so calm & collected. i wasn't worried about anything. the only thing on my mind was seeing M waiting for me at the end of the aisle. ME of all people. i couldn't wait to be his & he be mine. if i focused on that i knew no matter what went wrong nothing could ruin my day. i just got done talking to my mama about how the wedding feels like a lifetime ago yet it's wild to think that M & i have been married almost a year. how is that? either way, i'm glad i have these pictures as a way to remember that day by. 

thank you all for your sweet comments. i hope you enjoyed looking at them as much as i do :)
only 3 more days!!!


life lately {24}

one // lately mom's garden has been thriving. that's me holding a zucchini! 
two // we had fast food for lunch the other day. not a proud moment but worth it. mmm sweet tea.
three // enjoying nutella by the spoonfuls. there's no better way to eat it.
four // the brotherton's <3
five // it's almost our first anniversary! still weird that's it's been a whole year. time flies when you're having fun.
six // i posted a couple wedding posts for yall. enjoy! one & two.

what have you been up to lately?

wedding part two


i look at these & realize how young we were/are. we're babies in these pictures & happy babies for sure. marrying M was the single greatest moment of my life. 

i love that man. 

the rest of our wedding will be posted tomorrow :)


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