Friday's Letters {34}

Dear Husband you never cease to amaze me. I came home to a letter laying on the keyboard (cause you knew that would be the first place I go). It was from the bub & it basically said how much he loved me :) Well Mr. Brotherton, I stinkin love you too. Lets kiss tonight ;)
Dear gorcery shopping Lets be real for a sec -- I totally forgot how to properly do you that's what she said. No but for real, I went to the grocery store the other day & I was confused. One, I left my list at home. No real surprise there. & two, I basically bought everything I wanted. So yeah, the price was a tad but more than I wanted to spend & I'm sure I'm going to hear it from M. 
Dear Kodi You've started this new game called, Rabies Attack, where you try to play with me but instead you start jumping on the bed like a toddler & try to grab on to my wrists. Yesterday you yanked out a chunk of my hair. Lets not play that game anymore. 
Dear Skype Until recently I've had no real use for you. I mean sure, M & I will occasionally skype from different rooms. But who doesn't do that? But yesterday I used you like a grownup. I skyped with my good friend Chelsea from Lost in Travels. Zeke, Kodi & Maggie were al introduced. Even M popped in to say HELLO! She's a total gem & I'm so glad we met through blogging :)
Oh yeah, Chels, don't hate me for this pic. I was just screen shot-ing away during our chat. This one just ended up being my fav. Kinda looks like you're singing Wrecking Ball to me.

Happy Friday my peeps!
Any plans?


Lately {32}

Uno // A text from my mommy-in-law. Definitely brightened up my day.
Dos // M still doesn't understand what "make up the bed" means.
Tres // Maggie sleeping in the lobby at work. 
Cuatro // I turned 24!
Cinco // Kodi sleeping after a good hike.
Seis // Enjoying pho for my birthday.
Siete // Soaking up the last bit of sunshine before fall sets in.
Ocho // Buying 10 local newspapers. M's class was on the front cover.

Lately I've been wearing a lot of boots & buying unhealthy amounts of cardigans. I mean what can I say, I'm a fall girl. I'm secretly wishing it would hurry up. I'm ready for the pumpkin lattes & excessive amounts of cuddling just to stay warm. I also can't wait for the breath-fog. You know the kind when you go outside to cool temps & you breath fog? Yeah that. I'm also awaiting the fires & watching the trees lose their leaves. Sigh.

 Lately I've also been brushing up on my spanish. I truly suck at it. Tell ya a little secret... in college I took the spanish class online. But I didn't really do anything -- M did it all for me. That's how he won me over ;)

What have you beauts been up to lately?


I have a confession.

M & I haven't taken a 365 picture in four days. We were always on top of it. Never missing a day. Then my birthday shows up & we totally forget... four days in a row. But don't worry. There weren't any tears shed but we are a little peeved. Worked that hard to miss four consecutive random days. Bummer. 

But we did get our pictures taken last Sunday. 
So that can count right?
265/365 I'll call this one The Kissy Brotherton's.

Now we're only missing 264, 266 & 267. 
If only I had a time machine.


Turning 24.

Last Friday was my 24th birthday. Birthdays have always been a personal fav of mine. This year was the first year I didn't see my family on my actually day of birth. It was weird & kinda sad, but I guess that comes with the whole marriage thing. 

I started the day off with work. Baby Maggie tagged along with me cause yeah, it was my birthday & all. 
She was passed out in the lobby.
Arrived home to some festive birthday balloons from the rents.
Then the lover boy took me to dinner. Naturally being the birthday girl I got to choose where we ate. Therefore we ate gooood ;)
I love pho & bubble tea!

Birthdays don't last a single day in our household. It's either a week long event, or in may case, the weekend. So that next morning we went for a family hike.
Kodi chased after a herd of deer. We lost her for a solid 15 minutes & about died. But like the smart girl she is she came bounding back to us. 
Saturday evening we hung out with my parents & sisters. My youngest made me these cupcakes. Sweet thing she is. We ended the night watching Leo in The Great Gatsby. I literally could watch that every day. Makes me wish I could punch Daisy though.
 Oh & that is me about to wash my face with this cool face-wash headband thingy my twin sisters got me. There are two other pieces that go on your arms to keep your sleeves from getting wet haha. I thought it was so neat. I've used it every night so far & I've stayed dry!
Ended my birthday weekend with laying out at the pool & finally getting new pictures done of me & the lover boy. Oh, & yes! This is a Harry Potter ring the Mr. got me along with a three night trip to the beach with our pups. Ekkkk! 

Phew! I'd say I had a pretty great birthday :)


Friday's Letter {33}

Dear Friday WOOHOO! I love you like a love song baby! Not only are you the single best day of the week, you're also my birthday :)
Dear Birthday Yikes! I'm 24! My 13 year-old sissy texted me this morning saying how I'm old now. Is that true? Cause if so, that's awesome then!
Dear M I'm excited to find out where you're taking me tonight. I'm a little apprehensive though after you told me you'd pack for me :/ Whatever you do please pack my booties, the ones with the straps, & my boyfriend jeans. Not my skinny jeans, those are dirty. Kay thanks!
Dear Gustatory Rhinitis You're getting worse by the second. Now every time I eat bread my nose runs & I sneeze till I'm out of breathe. This is supes no bueno. Bread is like my favorite food group so you can imagine my sad face :(

Yeah yeah, I know no post is complete without a picture. Bite me.
Have a freaking fabulous weekend friends!
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Current obsession.

Bastille peeps. Heard of em? No? Well check em out.
They will rock your socks off.

This is one of my favorites.



Over the weekend.

I took two naps. 
Reupholstered our desk chairs.
Got loads of homework completed.
Iron: 1 Laurie: 0
Spent the night in a hotel.
Rediscovered my love for toe touches. 
Bought a new Canon :))))
Sold my old Canon :((((
Found out I suffer from Gustatory Rhinitis. 
Went to a baby shower.
Props to my mama. She's crazy talented.
Got offered to being a zombie in The Walking Dead.
& did random silly things with my Bub.
He hates this photo. With a capital H A T E. 
But I don't care, cause I think it's so us :)

I love busy weekends.


Lately {31}

One // Doing a little DIY.
Two // Skyping from different rooms in the house.
Three // Last night's 365 picture.
Four // Goofin around.
Five // Too cool for school.
Six // 365 on the railroad tracks.
Seven // Heading to school. Story of my life.
Eight // Peace. #datenight
Nine // Homework.
Ten // Typical.
Lately I've been trying to get all our 365 pictures in order. We're still on top of it, it's just I haven't updated our 365 page in quite a while. Also I've been starting to get overwhelmed with school work. If I'm not careful, it'll all pile up & I'll get way behind. Honestly, I'm ready for film to be over. I'm also in the market for a new camera. My heart is breaking at the thought of selling the one I currently have. I haven't even had it for a year. But in order to do well in school I need to upgrade. So yeah, I guess I'm kinda stoked about that.
& one last thing. My birfday is in 8 daysss!!!
What have you been up to lately my peeps?


Thinking about moving back home?

Well as most of you know that's exactly what M & I did four months ago.
Hard to believe it's already been four months! Originally we were only going to move in with the in-laws for six weeks while our other place was getting ready for us. As you can see that didn't go as planned. We found out my mother-in-law's cancer was back a couple weeks before we were to move out & into our new place. After much debate we decided it was best if we stayed through the surgery & recovery so we could be there to help. Now the time has come for us to move out & my father-in-law (in all his father-in-lawly-ness) comes to me & asks "can you guys stay till Christmas?" Big softy that man. Looks like we're staying the rest of the year.

Living with the rents isn't so bad though. I mean it's totally got it perks.

Free rent. Who wouldn't be thrilled about that. This has really allowed us to save our money & buy necessary items like the iMac, new phones, all new camera equipment & movie dates every weekend.

Free food. Again, as food lovers (emphasize LOVERS) who wouldn't be tickled to come home to a fridge fully stocked with quality food. Not to mention the homemade dinners that my mother-in-law prepares or the burgers on the grill that my father-in-law does so well.
Dog sitters. Our dogs are like kids to us, totally normal. Unlike before, now we can go off for hours doing whatever it is we're doing & not have to worry about our girls doing the pee dance in the house. Thanks in-laws!
Constant company. We're never lonely anymore. There's usually always someone home to keep each other company. It's nice not being alone.

But then there are the not so great things about moving back home.

Living out of a suitcase. All of our belongings are still in storage, including most of our clothes. Because we thought we'd only be here for six weeks we packed up most of our stuff. So we're still living off our bare minimum. That's our current dresser & notice how teeny our closet is? Some might argue that's large for them, but we came from walk-in closets that housed five times that many clothes.

Everyone knows everyone's bisnaz. Once I was mad at M & sure enough my father-in-law brought it up at the dinner table. Talk about an awkward time to bring it up. Living together means we're all going to know what's going on it each other's lives whether we like it or not. So far I don't hate this but there are times that I only want M to know that the mexican food didn't settle well with me than everyone knowing that. Know what I mean?
The love life. It feels like I'm in high school sneaking around again. Trying to do things behind my parent's backs. Ugh I hate it! That I can never get used to.
Obligated to spend time with each other. I haven't struggled with this much, but M definitely has. Instead of snuggling up together on the sofa in the basement (our room) he's often watching tv with his dad or talking at the table with his mom. Trust me, we both LOVE those peeps & LOVE spending time with them, it's just we feel bad hanging out in our side of the house rather than on their side of the house. Does that make sense? We feel rude shouting ourselves down in the basement laughing & having a good time without them. Am I making anymore sense? I all sounds weird typed out haha.

But let me clear the air -- I LOVE living with my in-laws. Not because of all the free stuff they provide us with, but because I simply love them. I married into a pretty awesome family :)


Friday's Letters {32}

dear bub (aka M) So my birfday is rounding the corner. & if I know you (which I do) you've probably already gotten moi something or you're working on it as I type. & if you know me (which you do) you probably know that I'm working on finding out what it is you're working on. Know what I mean? Basically, if you're reading this, know that you need to be sneakier or I'm going to figure out the BIG surprise (which I'm thinking there is a big surprise if I know you at all... which I do).
dear school Holy moly!!! You're already kicking my booty. Like mad hard too. & I JUST realized (like literally this second) that I left two sheets of negative sleeves in lab. Crap! Hope I didn't need those...
dear weekend I know I often say that I'm so happy you've arrived, but this time I reeeally mean it.
dear friends & family Please be in prayer for my family. I know that's broad, but there's so much going on in various parts of the family right now that I just need a large prayer umbrella-ing us all under it. But good news, my mother-in-law has recovered very well. Her voice was gone for a while but it's back & she's getting stronger everyday. Now we just have to get rid of the rest of the cancer. Baby steps yall!

Any plans for the weekend?
Peace loves!

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lately {30}

One // Jesus is on our watermelon. See Him? Do we eat it?
Two // Went to the movies (no surprise) & bub bought me my favorite! An XL slushie!
Three // spotted these suckers at PetSmart. Thinking Maggie will be Batman & Kodi will be her sidekick -- Robin. Cause we all know Maggie is the big sister & all.
Four // The mister's attempt at making up the bed. How you say "epic fail".
Five // Our gigantic box of coffee arrived just time for school. Pumpkin spice anyone?
Six // Trying to figure out what to wear for my first blate. Clearly I was struggling. 
Seven // Visual theory isn't our favorite class. Fortunately I friends to make it fun.
Eight // She's been getting into lots of trouble lately. I think it's because her mama & papa aren't home much anymore. So she's been spending quality time in her crate.
Nine // Found this creepy home to shoot for an assignment. 
Ten // My life now.
Eleven // A 365 picture from the other day. Not real sure how we didn't crash. Don't try this at home kids.
Twelve // Me & my daddio. Dude turned 49. Isn't his gote (spelling?) killer?

What have you been up to lately?

btw -- I totally wrote this on my phone. Sorry for all the spelling/grammar errors. 



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