8 weeks

i told myself that when i moved out & got married, i wouldn't be my mom. HA! it seems like everything i do lately reminds me of just the person. & the more i think about it, the more a smile creeps across my face & i think there's no one i would want to be more like. but getting to my point, Christmas is only 8 weeks away. that's only 56 days to prepare. & that's when i thought of my mom. i know she's got a list of what everyone has just been dying to have. i also know she doesn't wait till the last minute to buy & wrap gifts. so i made the initiative last night & told M that i was going to start shopping. 1) because if i don't i'm going to wake up one morning due to an anxiety attack because i failed Christmas. 2) (a bit less dramatic) because it will keep us from spending loads of money in a small amount of time. nobody likes watching their bank account disappear. so, even though M likes to laugh at me & say "Christmas shopping? it's not even Thanksgiving yet." i'm on a mission to buy my friends & family gifts before the last minute. i already have the perfect wrapping paper.

i'm looking forward to reading about everyone's halloween & the cute outfits they dressed their kids & pets with. yes, i said pets. who doesn't buy costumes for them? ;)

happy halloween eve!

*the picture was sent from my older sister (left) with one of my younger sisters & my rockstar mom (right). as i was writing this post i was searching for a picture (because all posts need a picture, right?) & this was sent to me. it's was like they read my mind from forty miles away. 


weekend in review

naturally, we took the pups trail blazin'. the wind was just beginning to pick up here & that's when the girls are most frisky. we walked all along the lake. saw some old birdhouses, tons of fallen leaves, and bushels of pine cones. kodi apologizes for showing you her bum. she understands it's not ladylike but swears she was on the trail of something great in defense. 
during the weekend we watched several football games & maggie spent most of it papa's arms.
and early this morning i stopped but a local thrift store, The Abba House, looking for a larger desk for M. wasn't able to find him a larger work space, but found other goodies ;) 

now on to a new week.
happy monday!



the other day the pups and i went outside to play. the weather was just too nice to pass up. being able to pull out the sleeveless shirts and sandals was a nice change of pace. can't say the same for those in the northeast. y'all stay safe in what they are calling frankenstorm.

have a wonderful weekend.


what we are lovin' about autumn

this time of the year has always been a favorite. not sure if it has something to do with the atmosphere changing, schedules getting busier, or the smells - yeah, it's gotta be the smells. but whatever it is that's causing this infatuation with autumn, please don't stop.
it seems like pumpkin is the top fall food to cook with and boy, have we taken advantage of that! so far we've made a pumpkin pie. like the anti-domestic housewife i am, i forgot to pick up pie crust (and no, i couldn't make some homemade. didn't you see the words anti-domestic?) so it was a crustless pumpkin pie (if such a thing exists). one of M's personal favorites is pumpkin spice lattes made with a crock-pot! Again, anti-domestic (promise not to use that phrase again). 
just the other day i made chocolate chip pumpkin bread. it was such a hit that i don't have a picture...

i'd love to hear some of your favorite fall recipes, especially those that call for pumpkin ;)


lately {1}

pictures from my phone
crab from our hilton head trip//gummi bears for the ride home//birthday present polaroid zink camera//county fair//birthday morning//ferris wheel//baby kodi//nom nom//yard friend//handful of jelly belly's//maggie pumped about halloween//fishbraid//me & lancelot//pumpkin spice latte in a maggie mug//winship 5k//for mom//maggie photo bombing//pumpkin pie//sunset//fitness//m&l//pomegranate//me & little sis @ local corn maze//grocery shopping//


a little about ourselves

we've been best friends for many years and recently got married. maggie was my baggage and kodi was his. together we made a perfect, and yet so not typical, family of four. we both were born and raised in the south, where we still hold refuge. in the few short months of marriage, i've learned to cook just about everything in a crock-pot. which i must say i'm quite proud of :) oh! and i've learned, still mastering, how to share the bed with another human. M is still learning to stomach my cooking and knowing when enough sunday football is enough... it's easy to say that we love this new life we are creating together. we know the best is yet to come.

*pictures are all in chronological order, starting from 2008 to 2012. maggie is our cocker spaniel & kodi is our adopted husky/shepard. 


photo montage welcoming ourselves to the blogosphere

i apologize for the premium quality of the pics. you know that great PhotoBooth application on all Macs that you can't help yourself but take an obnoxious amount of pictures at odd hours of the night and the picture quality is to die for? yeah, that one. this is our little 'hello' from the brotherton hub at 8 o'clock. we are looking forward to becoming official members of the blogging world. thanks for checkin' us out.


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