L >>>
pretends to cook/bake/clean house…anything wife-like
sucks at whistling
occasional booty dancer
likes tea -- specifically tazo green tea
obsessed with her fur babies
instagram whore
wannabe momma

<<< M
best shower singer
avid coffee drinker -- i’m talking crazy cray
enjoys drinking Pepto-Bismol, for the taste not remedies
world’s greatest wavy-robot dancer
the every-now&then handy man {by force}
pickiest eater i know -- worst than a toddler
knows how to fist-bump like a champ

KODI >>>
daddy's little girl
best bed hogger
destroyer of toys
battled mange as a puppy
loves eating anything she can get to
only fetches rocks
perfected the doggy-kiss

never stops wagging her tail
blind as a bat
hates her paws touched
turned 13 on 2/14/13
snores louder than all dads combined
 loves her mama & papa so much -- she tells me so
brings us so much joy

-M&L {oh, kodi & maggie too}

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  1. Such a great blog! I'm so glad I found you guys through my dear friend Chelsea Diamond. I'm looking forward to following you!




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