it was love at first sight. okay, not really.

yep, that's us in 2nd grade. we've known each other that long. we like to tell people we were best friends since then, but let's be honest, at that age everyone was your best friend. i must have been worried i'd forget who i was or something ^^. i promise i'm not that vain.
me & the mr. in sixth grade. i know, he looks like a member of one direction, while you could have a five course meal on my forehead. naturally after elementary school you head off to those horrific, hormonal middle school years. it was there that we sought the comfort of familiar faces & his was mine.
 seeing double? yeah, for some reason he was added twice in our tenth grade yearbook. & finally! a decent picture of me. it was this year that our friendship really blossomed. & i mean friendship. maybe it was the fact that i was always taller than him until our senior year, or that we'd known each other for so long, or that we were pretty much always dating someone else, but M & i were just friends.
almost two years later & we're now best friends. still just friends. went on double dates together, even went to prom together, just not as each others dates. i still fondly remember those late night phone calls, him asking for girlfriend advice "laurie i still haven't kissed enter name of the unfortunate girl (he's a great kisser) what do i do?" or how about "i think i'm going to break up with i forget her name tonight. should i do it through a text?" i promise he is a gentleman.
after attending grade school & high school together, the journey still wasn't over. yep, off to college together. & that's where our story really begins.

when we finally started dating in college, & i mean fiiiinally, it was the easiest relationship i had ever experienced. & the happiest, silliest, honest, and the -est of all good adjectives. in the four years of dating we never once talked about marriage. never. ever. then one morning on our routine hike...
not photographed was me on my knees shaking & crying. SO unexpected. i can still remember the excitement & emotions of that day. but they don't hold a candle to the roller coaster of emotions of our wedding day. sheesh what a day that one was. 

it is still surreal to think that i'm married to my best friend. in high school i use to tell him was going to be my maid of honor. HA!


  1. awuh i love this. i actually laughed at the part where you told him he was gonna be the maid of honor lol! xx|natalia.

  2. Such a cute story! :) You guys are so cute!

  3. This is so precious! What a great story :)

  4. Ok, your story is adorable. I'm a sucker for those love stories.



  5. You two are just an insanely good looking couple!!!!

  6. OH, love this! Your story is so sweet and precious. And by the way, all of the photos of you are amazing! You are both extremely photogenic :).

  7. Your love story is so completely precious!I am so thrilled to be your newest follower and to have discovered your blog!!!:) LOVE reading what I have read so far and just had to take a moment break to drop you a note to say so!
    :) Rebecca

  8. Cutest story EVER!!! I can only hope my story has the same happiness yours has :)


  9. Hey lady just discovered your blog! I met my husband in 2nd grade as well and also have our photos on my about me! Too funny! Looking forward to following along!



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