birthday girl

i still remember the countless nights you would ask to sleep in my room. i was such a meanie. if i didn't say no, i told you you could sleep on the floor. i vividly remember the car trips out of town. you would have your polly pockets perfectly set up in the back seat. sometimes in the shower i think back to that silly song we made up once in the bathtub. we played wolf in the yard. that time i punched your tooth out (totally by accident). i remember when you had to get stitches (wasn't because of me) & you had to wear that funny dress to the hospital. remember all those camping trips & how we turned into pyromaniacs. that time we all got lice & had to shower with carol. or how about that time we got kicked out off dick's sporting goods (then it was galyan's) for spitting spit balls at the rock wall climbers. & how you use to sleep in the weirdest places on christmas eve.
 well, i miss those days.
happy 21st birthday little sis. love ya.


oh christmas tree

though you're not very full, or full at all. your branches are flimsy. you have prickly things all over you. you don't smell like a fraser fir. & we had to shake all sorts of stuff off you...

we love that you came from our backyard. you will always be special to us.


lately {5}

i've been a bit m.i.a recently. after thanksgiving i feel like i've been in a daze. that could be because i'm still recovering from my food coma, or the fact that the holiday season is officially upon us. it's HERE! pandora has been playing it's best christmas playlist (yes, the michael buble one). i've been wrapping gifts in between online shopping. which be the way, we have a large list of things being shipped to our little cabin in the woods (scary movie that i have no desire to see) & one of those many things is a camera for mauh!

pictures from my phone
hunting for marcel the shell//cute fox figurine//old sunbeam//buying a christmas tree for my parents//owl ornament//fire wood//thanksgiving eve walk//dove chocolate inspirations//thanksgiving sunrise//beautiful maple//some lovin'//the excellent spread//black friday//ready to cut down our christmas tree//she's ours//public library//new boots//the varsity jr. delish//hanging out with the tree//being lazy//peace//kodi being curious//decorating the house//light shopping//

what have you been up to lately?

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thanksgiving 2012

great day filled with our closest family & friends. M & i spent the beginning of the day with my folks. with a packed house, we watched the macy's day parade & even the purina dog show {a brazzell family favorite}. i had a plate full of the best-food-day food. here's some shocking & sad news, M doesn't like thanksgiving food. yes, it's true. he's the pickiest eater i know. somehow he's made it twenty plus years & never tried a single casserole, deviled eggs, homemade mashed potatoes, or cranberry sauce. i'm just glad his pickiness doesn't limit me from stuffing my face.
M's plate {left} L's plate {right}
that evening we headed to the brotherton thanksgiving. where i again got to enjoy homemade stuffing, turkey, gravy, & all the essential holiday dishes. i didn't want the day to end. i also wished i had a hollow leg, but instead i walked about with a food baby.
the night later ended with me & M returning home with our girls. the four of us bundled up in bed. turned on a movie. slept like babies. & dreamt of a white christmas.

hope your thanksgiving was as happy as ours.


day of thanks {3}

happy thanksgiving!

today i'm so thankful for
//my God
//His Son
//mine & M's love for each other
//kodi's voice
//maggie's floppy ears
//hot tea
//the smell of casseroles
//the 20lb. turkey in the oven 

hope you all have a blessed thanksgiving with the one you love most.
be sure to stuff your face ;)


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happy almost thanksgiving!

day of thanks {2}

 happy almost thanksgiving!

i'm so thankful for
//scented candles
//family movie nights
//back rubs
//being healthy
//night walks
//the smell of clean laundry

what are you thankful for?


day of thanks {1}

i'm so thankful for
//being home for the holiday
//good morning texts from M
//christmas music
//warmth from the sun
//homemade cookies
//maggie's snores
//a good book
//my four sisters

i love this time of the year.
 i'd love to know what you're thankful for today.


lately {4}

pictures from my phone
pulled out the christmas decor//gorgeous wreath//me & patriotic santa//snoozin' kodi//banana milkshake//maggie kisses//pretty cookies//hangin' out on all the pillows//hung some pictures//cruzin' in the passenger seat//desktop background//bonfire by the lake//date night//polaroids//puppy eyes//eye candy//true story//my first tattoo "M"//favorite picture//happy girl//new gloves//art project with the kids//so many reasons to smile//bowl of frozen yogurt//maggie girl//she's just so cute when she sleeps//


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