One day I'm gonna be a videographer... NOT

Last week in Multimedia, we recorded video and audio of us reciting Shel Silverstein poems. I discovered a couple things about myself:

ONE: I need to start volunteering at libraries or locate children's hospitals because boy I sound so happy... 

TWO: Once I finish being a good person at the nearby hospitals, I should definitely enter in a beauty pageant because my posture could win its own award. 

and THREE: I'm most definitely pursuing a career in videography. I mean my auto focus skills are immaculate. Who doesn't love an out of focus video?

But enough about me.
This assignment was definitely a huge learn for me. Before this I don't even think I used the video mode on my camera. So yeah, I was a bit clueless when all the lights (which by the way, our professor said our group's lighting group was amazing) and boom mic were set up and it was time to start recording. 
But I'd say this was a successful first draft. 
Now who's going to buy a Shel Silverstein book and read Welinda the Witch?

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Providence Canyon

Okay, so for like the looooooooongest time, I've been at Mitch to take me to Providence Canyon State Park. It's a great hiking park that's made up of manmade canyons. The canyons were accidental; how, you ask I'm not real sure, but it had something to do with poor farming techniques. But these canyons are located in south Georgia - about three hours from us and Mitch wasn't keen on the idea of hoping int he car for a few mile hike. But somehow I convinced him enough that the three hour car ride there and the other three hour car ride back was worth it. And it was!
We even brought our hiking companion Kodi along with the adventure. The weather was PERFECT and we arrived early enough that no one was there. However, by the time we left there wasn't a single parking spot left and it was crowded with people. 
The park was made up of nine different canyons. Each better than the last. The canyon floor was weird. It was covered in a thin red layer of standing water. Which definitely made for muddy paws :)
The day was a blast. We had a cute little picnic in the sun and talked about how one day we'd bring our kids here to play. 

See Mitch, I told ya it was a good idea to go ;)

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School update.

Remember when I shared with you all about shooting with a 4x5 camera? Remember how I told you I'd share the results of my pictures with you?

Well here they are!
For the assignment we were required to dress up a chair and shoot the subject only twice. Once with a shallow depth of field. The second with a deep depth of field. Then we had to develop them in the dark room (definitely the WORST part). Then they were ready to be scanned into this nifty scanner.
Please ignore the super old mac computer. We were told that the scanner is actually a really nice scanner, but the computer and software are poop. FYI. 

Anyhow, once that's all completed then the last step was to edit the images. Which honestly was the hardest part. There was so much dust and an embarrassing amount of scratches all over both images. It took at least three hours of tedious retouching before my images were complete. Phew. 

Well that's that.
Our next 4x5 camera assignment we will be shooting items that represent a character, any character (I'm thinking Harry Potter :]) on a table. Maybe this time I'll be more careful to not have dust and scratches all over my imaged.... probably not.

Hope all my Georgian's are staying warm in this ice storm.
Peace out! 

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