birthday girl

i still remember the countless nights you would ask to sleep in my room. i was such a meanie. if i didn't say no, i told you you could sleep on the floor. i vividly remember the car trips out of town. you would have your polly pockets perfectly set up in the back seat. sometimes in the shower i think back to that silly song we made up once in the bathtub. we played wolf in the yard. that time i punched your tooth out (totally by accident). i remember when you had to get stitches (wasn't because of me) & you had to wear that funny dress to the hospital. remember all those camping trips & how we turned into pyromaniacs. that time we all got lice & had to shower with carol. or how about that time we got kicked out off dick's sporting goods (then it was galyan's) for spitting spit balls at the rock wall climbers. & how you use to sleep in the weirdest places on christmas eve.
 well, i miss those days.
happy 21st birthday little sis. love ya.

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