one of those bleh days

woke up this morning with pre-period cramps & a minor (but there) headache. should have known that was a sign for one of thooose days

when you're having one of those days, it's best to wear your biggest over-sized sweater, comfiest skinny jeans (ironic, but yes, we all have a pair), any winter scarf, & naturally, bug-eyed glasses that hide your makeup-less face. i honestly started my day with a different outfit laid out to wear. but once i put such outfit on, i immediately felt awful from every angle (if you know what i mean).

due to my whiny mood, i promised myself i would list a few things in currently thankful of/for.
//hot showers
//doggie kisses
//text messages from M
//chicken salad sandwiches
//& duh, oversized sweaters

i literally just smiled. thought it was tuesday, but nope. it's wednesday. the day just got better :)

hope your's did too, or better yet, hope it never started off bleh.


  1. Hi Laurie! Happy Wednesday! My day started off kinda glum too, so I know what you mean. And there are definitely some days where it just seems like every angle I look at an outfit in, it's just not right. But that's definitely what oversized sweaters are for! :) Thanks for being a new follower via Twitter!


    1. Hey Evani (pretty name btw)! Thanks for visiting. And about Twitter, you're welcome. I've been reading a lot of your posts lately. I love reading about your travels & you & Rob make me smile :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Ugh "Shark Week" is the worst!! But oversized sweaters and doggie kisses, makes a girl feel special.

  3. Haha!!! Shark Week!!! I like that :))



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