our veteran's day weekend

our weekend was extra busy (for a change). we stayed at my parent's house friday night. ate a warm, home cooked meal - oh my stars that was wonderful! mom even had multiple desserts for me, but mostly for M, to devour. we slept in the king sized guest bed. what a delight. & left with more stuff than we came with (like a new tv, which we weren't planning on buying. that's how big purchases usually happen though, right?) & all day sunday we spent building a desk (more details on that later).
our weekend was so packed that i totally forgot sunday was veteran's day. i actually didn't remember about it until i read blog posts mentioning it. that's when i googled veteran's day 2012 & sure enough it was sunday.

i know i'm late, but i want to thank all the men & women who served, & currently still serve, this great country that i can call home. you sacrifice so much & should be recognized for it more often. & thank you to all the families & individuals who have supported & continue to support to our armed forces everyday.

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