thanksgiving 2012

great day filled with our closest family & friends. M & i spent the beginning of the day with my folks. with a packed house, we watched the macy's day parade & even the purina dog show {a brazzell family favorite}. i had a plate full of the best-food-day food. here's some shocking & sad news, M doesn't like thanksgiving food. yes, it's true. he's the pickiest eater i know. somehow he's made it twenty plus years & never tried a single casserole, deviled eggs, homemade mashed potatoes, or cranberry sauce. i'm just glad his pickiness doesn't limit me from stuffing my face.
M's plate {left} L's plate {right}
that evening we headed to the brotherton thanksgiving. where i again got to enjoy homemade stuffing, turkey, gravy, & all the essential holiday dishes. i didn't want the day to end. i also wished i had a hollow leg, but instead i walked about with a food baby.
the night later ended with me & M returning home with our girls. the four of us bundled up in bed. turned on a movie. slept like babies. & dreamt of a white christmas.

hope your thanksgiving was as happy as ours.

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