friday letters

Dear queen mattress that my mom bought the other day, i can't wait to own you. BEST Christmas gift ever! your foaminess will be thoroughly enjoyed by me & M. but before you are ours we need to find a bed frame for ya.
Dear Christmas shopping money, the fact that you're a bunch of extra cash in my much-needed-to-be-replaced purse, makes me want to spend you all on myself. it's the season to give, laurie. remember that.
Dear office, i'm so proud of you. you look so much better :)
Dear squirrels on our roof, you don't bother me much, except when you freak excite kodi. evidentially you fellas make a lot of noise that only she seems to hear. knock it off please.
Dear Nashville, i looove watching you. who knew hayden & connie could sing?! i'm hooked.
Dear kroger, get excited! M & i will be showing up tonight. we are ready to explore all your 10 for 10 possibilities. got my list, coupons, & i'll be sure to have a full belly. let's rock n' roll!

Link up with ashley over at adventures of newlyweds.


  1. I'm totally hooked on Nashville, too!! hah it's so dramatic I just can't look away!!

    1. I know right! It's like the grown up version of Glee. Yet, I watch both...



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