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picture was taken with our DianaF+ last Christmas

weekends are a big thing over here at the brotherton hub. friday is our favorite day because it marks the start of our adventure filled, pancake mornings, bonfire evenings, & the occasional spooning on the couch (M's personal fav). but for whatever reason, this weekend started rough. i was grumpy, M was sick, & kodi ate both burt's bee chap sticks of mine. she's dead. but not really. even after church on sunday, i was still ill about who-knows-what.

while i was vacuuming like a mad woman (literally), M was preparing lunch for us. once i was finished sucking all the joy out of our carpet, i sat down at the table to a husbandly like lunch - chips, tortillas, and cheese dip. bless his heart. but honestly, it was just what i needed. good'ol constipation & high blood pressure never made me feel so happy. M even turned on my favorite pandora station while we ate. then in the middle of lunch he got up from his chair & hugged me. he didn't explain & i didn't need an explanation. he told me he loved me & sat back down.

even after taking my frustration out on him, he still showed me kindness & love. i don't deserve this man. thanks sweetheart for the small reminders of how much you really love me. i never want to take you for granted. i love you.

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