friday letters

just read elise's post this morning. reminded me that i wanted to link up with some of y'all's awesome weekly posts. that's when i checked out ashley over at adventures of newlyweds & i was sucked in. so here i am, linking up with ashley all thanks to elise.

Dear Husband, thanks for staying at my parent's with me tonight. i know mary kay parties aren't your thing, but my mom is hosting it, i have to be there. 
Dear Maggie, your haircut is so adorable. i must admit, i'm proud of my handy work.
Dear Kodi, geez child. stop eating out of the trash can. tissues can't taste that great. 
Dear Work, can't believe you'll be over in just over a month. then i'll be unemployed (something i don't want to think about right now).
Dear Car, i swear i'm going to clean you. some day.
Dear Hair, yes, yes, it's true. M wants me to cut you. i know, he's lost his mind. i'll remind him how long it took to get you where you are today.
Dear Thanksgiving, woohoo! you're almost here. food galore!
Dear Life, please slow your bum down. i'm tired.

i haven't watched this video in a while. it's one of those that i frequently visit as a little something to make me smile & a great way to kick start the weekend. enjoy!

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