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she didn't think it was fair she couldn't be in the post.

i've been doing a lot of blog reading lately & i've had the pleasure to stumble upon several bucket lists. some of y'all want to do so many inspirational things in life (& some who are serious daredevils). i got so inspired that i wanted to share my bucket list. M & i wrote ours just after thanksgiving last year & mailed them to one another. *for those of you who read our story, this was the only time we mentioned getting married. this was sort of why we mailed them; i was nervous about his reaction to number one. but then i received his, & his number one was "ditto". i smiled a lot. 

1 marry my best friend
2 graduate
3 be a mommy
4 own a dslr camera (that's blogger 101, right?)
5 travel out of the country
6 adopt a puppy
7 cave dive
8 ride in a hot air balloon
9 visit all US states
10 cage dive with sharks
11 learn to ballroom dance
12 visit easter island
13 save a life
14 road trip across the country with the pups
15 be a stay-at-home-mom
16 be a grandmother
17 get a tattoo
18 run a marathon
19 order room service for every meal in one day
20 go to a college football game
21 witness a miracle
22 complete my bucket list

several are already completed. & yes, i know, 22 won't happen to a loooong time due to 3, 15, 16, & 18...yes, definitely 18.

thanks to all who inspired me to share mine. what's on your bucket list?

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