wearing: collegiate sweatpants, long sleeve t-shirt, 9 year old high school hoodie, hospital socks (cause they're the warmest socks eva), & a sad bun that's starting to lean a bit left. yeah, i'm dressed to impress. wassup!! hot housewife right here!!

listening: to talyor swift's new album Red. BIG fan of T-Swift. & the occasional justin bieber song comes on. cause i'm 23 & i have the fever.

wishing: we didn't have to go grocery shopping this week. i was hoping we could make it till Thanksgiving, but M doesn't want to survive off pb&j's & ramen anymore. boo.

enjoying: a hot cup of joe.

excited: about next week. so many days to be with family & close friends. & eat an army's worth of food. nom nom nom.

worried: about finding a new job. i love my current job, but travel has been a bit harsh. most people move closer to work, but since M brings home the most bacon, it's off to something new for me. i'm usually all for new experiences but not this. this is scary.

laughing: walked in the bedroom to this.
this sort of thing never happens. both of our dogs hate being touched when they sleep. you can already tell maggie doesn't enjoy being used as kodi's body pillow. this is just so out of character & honestly a funny sight, i had to share.
please ignore our messy bed. we weren't expecting guests.


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