celebrating 365 days of marriage

a few weeks ago {that's how far behind on posting i am} M & i celebrated our first year of marriage! we joke that we managed to make it this far. but i like to think that making it a year is something to be proud of. because i am proud of us. proud of how well we try to work together {notice the word try}. this year was fun yet also a challenge. we found out marriage isn't playing house but a lifestyle that takes patience & compromise. something that i still need to work on. i'm so blessed to be married to a man that respects me & understands me better than i do. 

so for our first anniversary we celebrated by visiting the town of st. augustine. we were only a short fifteen minute ride from the town & planned to take full advantage of that fact. it's filled with history around every corner & not to mention all the precious shops. being on an island we experienced a few popup showers here & there but nothing could ruin our day. we found an adorable cafe that had bubble tea. boy! was the tapioca soft! we walked along the water hand-in-hand & reminisced about our wedding day. we found the only mexican restaurant on the island which was nicely located by the water to enjoy dinner at. if chips & salsa was the last thing i'd ever eat i'd be okay with that. & no brotherton vacation is complete without overdoing it on the sweets. so when we stumbled upon a fudge shop we naturally bought five squares to share. that same evening after the sun set, we played on the beach with sparklers. 
hidden cafe that had heavenly bubble tea ^^^
our fudge that disappeared quickly ;) ^^^

can't wait to celebrate many more years.


  1. happy one year anniversary! i think you guys are just too adorable. :) loved these pictures!

  2. That looks so fun! Happy one year anniversary! =]

  3. congrats to one of the cutest couples around : ) the first year is challenging at times but so so great at the same time. i loved our first year as it was met with plenty of new experiences together. i love reading about your relationship : )



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