lately {29}

one // we  f i n a l l y  made it to ikea together. i mean i've only been begging him to go with me for ages. he loved it :D i knew he would. that place is straight up magical. going from room to room all we could say was 'let's get that. & that. & that.' sigh of relief it was almost better than sex ;)
two // we hit up the movie theater where we saw kickass 2. it was a him thing.
three // the great race pre-photo my parents bought it for us as an anniversary gift. it's basically just like the show the amazing race except smaller & only in atlanta. so much fun!
four // the great race post-photo. again, it was a blast! we came in sixth place out of 75. 
five // me with my mama & older sissy enjoying lunch at ABC. 
six // mama got me another watch. now i can't be late for my classes.
seven // photography school is jack expensive. but i'm learning to get over it cause i get toys like this :) can't wait to learn how to use it.
eight // we're easily entertained. two bucks at walmart.
nine // yep, that's me with a baby. close your eyes & pretend it's 2018 & i might actually be holding my own child.
ten // i hate getting gas except when i'm panicking that my car's going to run empty. dodged that bullet.

what have you been up to lately?


  1. the great race sounds so much fun! i would pay to see you guys do the amazing race, you know you'd win : )

  2. I can not get my hubby to go to Ikea with me - he is just not a fan and I think gets overwhelmed by all the things they have there - but I love it :) I hate getting gas too, I'm not sure why, I just dont, and avoid it at all costs! Happy Friday :)

  3. One day I want to experience Ikea!



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