friday's letters {29}

dear world i'm back!!! i'm officially recovered & well again. being sick is NOT fun. the worst part were the days where it felt like i ran a marathon then tried to get on an elliptical while holding my breathe. one minute in feeling decent then the next i'm barely holding it together.
dear bloglovin holy moly batman! i have 423 unread posts. woah. might actually have to click that mark all as read button for once. #sorrybutnotsorry
dear furminator you're amazing. you magically remove bags {yes. i said bags} of fur from kodi when at first it didn't even seem like she had that much fur to begin with. & it's fun! can't say kodi's having the time of her life but me? you bet!
dear heather girl, you are so thoughtful! thank you for sending me a sonic gift card. you know they say, nothing cures a cold better than a sonic milkshake ;)
dear photography school i'm so excited to begin you. in less than three weeks i will have gone to my first couple classes. going to school is such a joy to me. i love learning, especially when it's something i really enjoy. i can already feel the first day jitters. wondering what to wear? deciding if i should up front or closer to the back? & most importantly, if i'll make any new friends?

any plans this weekend?
as for us, we'll be visiting my mother-in-law at the hospital. probably helping my sister-in-law find furniture for her big move. & maybe a nap or two ;)

have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. Furminators really are one of the best animal inventions. ever. What type of camera are you using for photography school? I'm going to buy a DSLR but have been trying to figure out which one I want for ... months now ...

  2. Yay!! I am so glad you are feeling better pretty lady!! And the furminator??! LOL!!! I think I may need to look into that for our pup, haha! And how sweet of Heather!! Sonic could totally cure feeling yucky!! ;)




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