lately {28}

one // last week's date night. which consisted of moe's burritos, a red box movie 
& snuggling under the covers with our pups.
two // kodi tends to wake us up most mornings like this. 
she's ready to play at all hours of the day.
three // on our way to the mall & i broke my brand new sunnies :/ 
so i popped out the other lens making them an addison to an future hipster outfits.
four // yes... another sonic milkshake picture. 
five // we like to have fun on the go.
six // the weather has been unreal lately. today was a high was 74!!! last time i checked
 it was still august, right? so i took full advantage of it & went for a nice long run.
seven & eight // we took the kids for a car ride {their personal favorite}. maggie loves 
sitting in the back, occasionally peeking her teeny head out the window for her ears to flap. 
while kodi tries to sneak up front like she's a miniature poodle or something.

what have you been up to lately?

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