friday's letter {30}

 dear linds i'm so excited for you & your new chapter in life. you're home has so much charm & i can't wait to see your room complete. you're gonna kill grad school!
 dear kodi & maggie sorry for the torture i put you through. i thought the crate would help you during the thunderstorms... next time i'll stick with the thunder jackets.
dear weekend!!! i'm so excited you're upon us. we were hoping to go to the gorge for a full day of hiking but the past few days of rain has flooded the gorge floor :( maybe we'll just shop instead.
dear tax free weekend!!! you're always a treat. it's an easy excuse for me to go shopping for back to school attire & M usually doesn't object.
dear beautiful succulents you make have a green thumb seem so naturally. you require little to no work. thank you for that. & thank you mama for getting this beautiful arrangement for me. you da best.
dear mom never call me again with "hey... we've just been a wreck." i immediately got in the car & headed to you. you told me everyone was okay. that it wasn't that bad. then i saw the car. WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT WASN'T THAT BAD?! on what planet is that not bad? basically what happened was an suv in front of her was turning. they were both at a complete stop. then another suv flew into the back of her teeny prius which caused her to hit the suv in front of her. my twin sisters were also in the car with her. again, no one was injured, just a bit shaken. thank God. 

have a wonderful & safe weekend!

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  1. Great post! What adorable dogs! Just started following your blog and love it maybe you would like to check us out and follow back?



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