our summer

was epic!!!

although summer doesn't officially end until september 21st {the day after my birthday} it always seems to come to a close once school is back in session. & guys!!! guess who starts photography school today?!!! that's right, i do!!! summer vacation is now over for me. but i'm okay with that. i'm ready for this new chapter of my life to begin & i'm ready to learn more & make more friends.

now, get ready for a butt ton of pictures.

the brotherton's summer. 2013 style.
we moved into the in-laws basement. first it was a temporary thing. our place wasn't going to be ready for six weeks, but then my mother-in-law got sick so we decided to postpone our 
next move to help & be there for her recovery.
we played in NYC for a few days. still one of my favorite spontaneous trips we've 
ever taken. you can read more about our trip herehere & here. & here's a video.
we also visited nashville for a night. that's where i fell in love with country music for all of 
10 minutes {but i'll eat country food all day}. we decided it was definitely the 
cleanest city we've ever seen. & can't forget there was lots of karaoke.
right after nashville, we headed to indiana for a wedding. talk about FUN! i think everyone 
who was there can agree that we partied hard. maybe a little too hard for some... 
congrats to emily & scott! we love you guys.

we hung around for a couple more days {more like dragged around...}. visited a 
local barn which brought back urges to ride again. & of course! we collected dirt^^^
after spending a few days in indiana, we were off to st. louis for a week. we didn't 
waste any time. the first day we arrived we visited the nearby cahokia mounds
unfortunately we were rushed due to a nasty thunderstorm rolling in. 
naturally we had to visit the arch. went up it & all. the ride up was totally sketch & i'm pretty sure i'll never do it again. afterwards we ate at the spaghetti factory, 
where i ate my weight in pasta. mmm. then we hung out in the mississippi river. 
then there was that time when we drove from st. louis to ga in less then 10 hours only stopping three times. yep. i warn you, you will look that that if you ever choose to complete such a mission ^^^
{we're at a rest stop somewhere in tennessee. we both needed some sleep but we were at that 
point where you were basically too tired to function normally.}
M bought me an iMac for our anniversary. there were tears & he even caught it on video. 
how did i get so lucky?

we celebrated our first wedding anniversary together in st. augustine, fl. 
you can read about it here & here.

also this summer...

we visited sonic frequently. 
M got his first smart phone.
kodi's still trying to master 'roll over'
i got accepted to photography school.
we went to ikea together... for the first time.
M learned to juggle.
watermelon's maggie's new favorite food.
i discovered i love candy crush saga.
& we're pregnant!


just kidding! ; )

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
well summer of 2013, you were pretty damn great. it's bittersweet to say goodbye. but know i'm expecting next year to be even better. i hear there's a trip to tokyo & korea planned?

what was your summer filled with? 
now i'm off to my first class! wish me luck!



  1. Photography school!! How awesome!!! I hope you give us some tips and tricks on the blog every now and then!

  2. What a fun summer. Tokyo and KOREA will be awesome! I hope you get to visit Chelsea.

  3. where did you get accepted into photography school!? i have been looking for somewhere in the atlanta area and havent found squat

  4. If you weren't already gone, I would fire you for the pregnant thing...

  5. there's so much i love about this post! i would count the ways but i'm pretty sure i would leave you with a novel : ) oh but i do have to say two things. 1. my stomach did a flip when you said you were pregnant, i was thinking of all the cute asian-y kids things that would be coming your way in the mail...and then i read the next sentence. i tend to get ahead of myself. and 2. heck yes for summer 2014! we WILL make this happen!

  6. What a fun trip! I loved seeing all the photos!
    a Mac? pretty frikkin awesome!!

  7. what a great post. seriously you guys had such an awesome summer! filled with adventure.. now good luck with school!



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