lately {27}

this week's been pretty rando. the good news though is my mother-in-law is home from the hospital! just for the next six weeks she'll have to take it easy. that means no cleaning, yard work or cooking!!!! yes, i'm talking to you mrs. sharon ;)

one // i decided to take a lovely afternoon nap. no big deal right? well kodi must have thought it was weird or something because i woke up to her hovering over me just staring. she's a nut.
two // my sister & i discovered a restaurant {that's only been two minutes from us the whole time} today that had the best & super cheap sushi. score! mmm we loaded up on it too.
three // here lately we've neglected our pups. with driving back & forth to the hospital & preparing for school, we haven't had much time to take them on walks. but we made time this past week :)
four // my mother-in-laws butterfly bushes are thriving! lately with all this rain they've been attracting butterflies by the herds {herds? wrong word?}.
five // peace from the brotherton's.
six // found this old kodac instamatic in the cabniet just nestled behind unused tupperware. we're hoping with some new batteries & a good cleaning it'll still work! #fingerscrossed

what have you been up to lately?


  1. Yay!! I am so glad your mom-in-law gets to come home and get pampered!! ;) And guess what!!??? So I am a total doofus, but I didn't realize I was never following you via bloglovin', so now I am, YAY!! Hope your camera works, and good thing your pup didn't lick your face while you were sleeping :) xoxo!!!

  2. Sounds like a busy week! I wake up finding my dog staring at me waaay to often. What do you think they are doing? Willing us to wake up and play with them?

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle



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