six things you should know about me

the overly talented shio from sweetness a boos, tagged me in this trending post & i'm flattered. these little posts are always fun. go check out shio's bloggity blog!

here's six things about yours truly:

one // favorite movie, song or tv show?
my favorite movie is pretty woman. but another favorite, one that i could watch daily, is she's the man. yeah it's unfortunate amanda bynes is a little cray cray now, but that movie is hysterical.

two // who or what inspires you?
hands down -- both of my moms. growing up my mom believed her children should have the chance to try anything they wanted. so i played any sport i could join. she pushed me to join all the school clubs. she wanted us to know that she wanted us to have the chance to have the things she couldn't. & she taught us that well :)
my mother-in-law has showed me strength like none other. her battle with cancer has been long & difficult yet there hasn't been a moment of it that she hasn't been strong.
i'm blessed & inspired daily by both of my mothers. not only do they each teach me to trust in our Lord, but continually show me through their personal lives. both are magnificent women of God.

three // what's your favorite go-to outfit?
it's definitely an oversized/layer-able shirt. worn with skinnies, boots & DUH! a beanie :) if i wore this exact outfit this time of the year, yes i'd probably die. but it's still my favorite. i prefer wearing shirts that aren't as fitted & that are easy to layer because i love food. & because i love food so much i get food-babies on the daily.

four // what's something we don't know about you?
hmmm... my nose runs when i eat too much. i'm a lefty. i'm obsessed with candy crush saga & i suck ar it. i own more pairs of underwear than a victoria secret model. i hate loath despise talk radio. i was adopted in high school. i work with dogs. the idea of reading in the car makes me car sick. i suck at cooking {oh wait, y'all knew that}. i pop my knuckles way too often. i've had the chicken pox three different times. i used to call M my brother -- weird? 

five // what's your favorite part about marriage?
knowing that i have the rest of my life with an amazing partner. we've only been married a year, so i still experience those "woah! i'm married?!" moments. but what makes me the happiest is knowing that M & i will always have each other. i can picture my life five/ten years from now & M's the first thing i see. heck! who knows what our lives will be like, but it's comforting to know he's there. 

six // what's your current dream you're hoping to achieve?
this is a question i often battle with. i guess right now my dream/goal is to complete photography school. i'm waiting for that aha! moment & i'll know what i'm supposed to do. but right now things feel right & if & when things don't feel right i'll move on to another dream :)

wanna get to know other bloggers better?

pick six to answer for yourself:
one // is this how you imagined your life would be?
two // what's your least favorite thing about marriage? or what are you least looking forward to about marriage?
three // favorite evening out drink?
four // who are the blogs you love to stalk?
five // what's something you love about yourself?
six // guilty pleasure?
seven // how did your blog come about?
eight // anything else you want to share?

thanks for sticking around to learn more about moi!


  1. I love love love "She's the Man". I've seriously watched it 20+ times and laugh just as hard every time. I've never seen "Pretty Woman", though. I need to check that out!

  2. Yay!! Thanks for doing this Laurie!! I loved reading all your answers! :) My fave is "things we don't know about you" answers and I LOVE that pic of you and M!! :) We tagged Heather, lol!


  3. Awesome! Loved getting to know you a little better. Love all of your photos! :)

  4. You are the cutest! Thank you for much for tagging me! I will be sure to let you know as soon as I post mine! And your marriage answer is so sweet, I will just hang out here.. and live vicariously through you! :)

    This Lovely Little Day



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