lately {19}

one // jury summons. yuck.
two // family cookout. love taking silly pictures.
three // M ordering yesterday's sonic shakes.
four // exploring another part of the lake.
five // M checking the sugar count in some juice.
six // my first taste of sugar in seven days.

okay, so lately things have been weird. each day has been focused on something different than the last. we've yet to start packing, but have have collected boxes & packing paper. so any minute we will get the party started. also, lately i haven't been allowed to have any sugar. including bread. i'm on strict instructions from my doc that for the next six weeks i'm to stay away from sugar, processed foods & most diary products. which means lately my diet has consisted of raw salads, fresh veggies & fish {aka rabbit food}. but yesterday M & i visited our friend sonic, & got ourselves milkshakes. we asked if they had sugar-free shakes. i'm pretty sure someone laugh in the background, but it was worth a try. so instead i enjoyed a small peanut butter cookie shake. it's already been a week of the new diet & it's been hard. splurging is okay if it's done in moderation, right? 

what have you been up to lately?


  1. no sugar is so hard especially if for me when I've a sweet tooth! but you can do it! Go Laurie! :)

    1. i know just what you mean. i have a dangerous sweet tooth too :( thanks for the motivation & support!

  2. things that i love. you and M's sonic photos :)

    and that diest, thats tough! especially if you have a sweet tooth like ours ;)

    1. aww lol thanks.
      yeah, the diet isn't easy. & it'll be worse since we're going to nyc thrusday :(
      but i'll get through it!

  3. Hahaha, Sonic. Mmm..

    And boo for jury duty!

    1. yeah, we go to sonic often :/, but you knew that.

  4. why such a strict diet dear? i cut out ALL sugar for two weeks YEARS ago, and while i felt a ton better, haven't been able to make myself do it since! oh and could you pack a sonic blast in my box too?! ; )



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