Painting with light.

As another assignment this semester, we painted with light. My personal favorite examples are the real cheesy sparkler ones where words are spelled out or light is romantically wrapped around a bride and groom. Even though those tend to get my vote, our professors believe those are cliche and overdone. So for our paint by light image we were taught a different way. For my specific picture I used three external flashes with different colored gels on them (blue, yellow and pink). This HAD to be taken late at night when there wasn't any light in the sky. Myself and two other ladies snuck onto the grounds of an old abandoned farm house. Keep in mind that's it's pitch black outside and we're three young ladies carrying expensive gear... Anyways, my exposure was about 30 seconds long and we each flashed a flash the entire time. I was only able to get three shots before a car pulled up and we ran out of there in a panic. 
But not before I got bit by some mysterious creature. Took nearly a month before it healed.
Overall it was a neat assignment. Doesn't hurt that I got an A either ;)

 photo lauriesig2_zps9ddb0c9f.jpg



  1. That's a really fun picture ... the bug bite ... not so fun.

  2. that pictures is amazing. i'm such a rule follower (much to J's disappointment) so i would be freaking out if i had to sneak into a barn! the picture was so worth it though!



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